League Of Legends Blog


My name is Josh Hay, a.k.a Joshthenewt, and I am a avid League Of Legends player. I am making this blog, so that I can post my League of Legends stories, and also help people out that read this. For starters, I have been playing since closed beta, and loved it ever since. I have over 1000 wins, and I play pretty much every day. My strong points in the game are soloing. It is what I do best. It could be solo mid, or solo top, I do really well in both. This blog will be used to post guides, help new players, and generally tips on how to play, a long with my stories of wins and losses. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now, but I really never got around to actually doing it, so since I have some free time, I thought I would start now.

One of the different things about me, when I play league is that I typically send weird champions mid. Lately, I have been doing Riven mid. I have done a lot of melee champions mid, like Wukong, Shen, Jarvan, etc. A lot of people sort of ask me why I do that, or call me stupid or dumb.  The reason why I do this is because, I am a really good ricer, which means farmer. I can farm all day, and last hit like a complete boss. I farmed Wukong, Riven, and Jarvan can completely carry a game. I’ve proven that point to my fellow friends a lot recently. I have learned a lot from going mid with these champions. What counters what, who counters who, etc etc.  I do however play AP mid, like Leblanc, Malzahar, and Annie, and I do just as well as I do Riven and others. Why do I solo? I don’t have to rely on teammates in Solo que, even when I’m with a full five man pre-made I like to rely on myself, it may be selfish but it’s how I roll. I have map awareness, I buy my own wards, I am my own team you could say when I solo, that is how it feels anyway.

As I post more and more, I will explain to how I solo, and my builds and etc. My buddies that I play with a lot, typically allow me to go mid with any champion I want, because they know I excel in this. Don’t get me wrong, I do side lane, but I find it rather boring, and dull. I play support pretty well, and due to my ricing capability I can farm with an AD carry, but I do not get the same satisfaction as if I would have solo’d. That is the king of player I am. Back when I first started playing League, I was extremely bad at it, and over time, I got to the point where I am now. I learned how to last hit with any champion, so I can farm, even if I don’t get that many kills. Usually when I go mid, people will be like… “You don’t have any kills yet”, but when you look at the scoreboard, I will be at 200 cs, and the enemy mid will be around 130. So, therefore I have a good advantage, if we are at both even kills.

I hope to the people that actually read this, find this interesting and hopefully learn something in the process. That is my goal to teach, and just entertain people. Cheers.


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