Solo Mid

This post will be specifically on Soloing mid lane. This is an topic that I find funny, and some what weird. If you read my last post, you will know that my strong point is Soloing mid. Typically, it will be a 1v1 lane. You against your partner, and if they have a jungler, you must be wary of that as well. Most people send an AP caster/nuker to the mid lane. E.x Annie, Malzahar, Leblanc, Kassadin, because normally at level six, they have the power to combo the enemy mid down. Example, when Annie hits six, and has Ignite and Flash. She will combo you down with her stun(passive), Q, and E, and Tibbers. Bam, there goes your life from full to zero. Now for me, I do things a little differently. For the past couple of days, I have been going Riven mid, and trying her out a mid solo. You might say “Riven mid, this is a joke right?” For some it maybe, but for me, it’s just another day, and another match I win middle. So, what goes on the middle lane? A lot of things goes into the middle lane, Masteries, Summoner Spells, Runes, and Champion you have selected for the lane. I typically go Flash, and Ignite, sometimes Exhaust, depending on who my enemy will be. I use flash on everyone, it is one of the most broken summoner spells in the game. Why ignite, I typically play very aggressive and go for some early kills, or the extra burst when I am ready to make the kill.

Masteries are important, for mages a lot of people go the 9/0/21 route. AD mids, that you normally don’t see anymore, unless you are playing with me, I go the normal 21/0/9 route. This all varies on who I am going up against, I will sometimes run Defensive Masteries that are 0/21/9, if I think I need them. When you officially know who you are up against, you must think to yourself, How am I going to out play this person. Do I need to play Offensive, or Defensive? Is he playing Offensive, or Defensive? All questions you need to ask yourself. I’ve see a trend starting recently that if you are going against an AP mid, and they run flat AP runes and start with a Doran’s Ring they start off with 49 AP. Ouch right? Yeah, I find it very annoying, and stressful to play against. You know then they will try to harass and kill you, because of that. So you play defensive, and hope for the best. In my case, I try to avoid them, and just farm, Unless they make a mistake, and I can act upon that. I like to farm, and rice a lot in the mid lane, with anyone I am playing. My goal is to out farm, and win that lane that way. Sending them back to base, making them blue pill as much as possible. If you are out laning them, then feel good about yourself. If you are wanting to learn how to solo, or want to get better at it, I will try to make this blog as good as I can for you. Winning middle, is in my blood. I thrive to win middle, whenever I play. It’s my job.

Ricing is important. You want to last hit as many creeps as you can. If your new to your middle champion, learn his hit animation, and when to hit a creep, at what health and so forth. It becomes a second nature after awhile. Of course, you use your skills to farm as well, like Annie, or Malzahar. So learn how to rice with attacks, and skills. It’s important that you can farm, and CS properly so you can get your items, when your not getting a lot of kills. As mid, people expect you to do well, to not lose, and sometimes even carry you’re game if you are that good. You WANT to farm.

Solo and your Jungler. Ranked, Normal draft, most of the time will have a Jungler. If you are winning your lane, and destroying your enemy, you can tell your jungler to help other lanes, like top or bottom. If you are losing your lane, ask your jungler for ganks, and make sure your lane is not completely pushed out. Your jungler will typically say “You lane is pushed, I cant help you” This is where last hitting is very important. You shouldn’t be auto attacking, and pushing your lane, so you cannot receive help. You want help if you are losing right? Ask your jungler nicely, and not yell at him, or say something like “Wtf, why aren’t you ganking scrub” people won’t help you if you treat them like crap. Now, if the enemy has a jungler as well. YOU must be wary of this. If you push your lane, your at their tower, and their territory. The jungler will have an advantage since you are so pushed out, so what do you do? Wards, wards, wards. You have to brushes near your mid lane, put wards in both. Would you rather spend the gold, and not die, or not spend the gold and have their jungler sneak up on you so many times and you feed? I think the answer is very simple. Wards are single most powerful item that does not to damage in this game, they will save you, and help you out. Hopefully your support, or jungle will help out with the warding, if not take it upon yourself to ward. Be a smart player.

So, i’ve explain a little bit about the mid lane… My hands are getting tired, and League is calling me. If you like what you have read, you can add me in-game. My summoner name is Joshthenewt. Cheers.


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