Zoning And You

This post I will focus on Zoning in the middle lane, and in general. Zoning is a very awesome aspect in the game, and will be very useful in the laning phase. I call it zoning in the beginning/lane phase, and poke in mid/late game. Zoning in the mid lane will depend on who you are, and who are facing. Knowing your champions abilities, and attack range will be crucial in this. If you are a Ranged, versus a Melee in a solo lane, you use that to your advantage. Zoning means you will make sure they cannot farm, and not gain experience. Making sure you have the advantage. Use what you have to your advantage. A lot of solo tops now a days are Melee heroes. Irelia, Garen, Renekton, Etc. When you are solo top, and you are melee vs melee, typically it will be a stand off. You can out harass your enemy and make them go back to base more often, making them lose gold and experience. Giving you a great advantage in lane. More power to you if you can. Even though League Of Legends is based off DoTa. League has no deny aspect. You cannot deny your own creeps. A lot of people say to deny people gold at least, you push their creeps to their tower. I agree with this, unless your enemy can creep like a boss under their tower. You can agree or disagree with that statement, that is you’re opinion. What else is involved with zoning? Well, summoner spells are important as well. When you play aggressive, and fight them in the early stages on the lane(First minute or two), and make them blow a summoner spell, like… Flash, or Ghost, maybe even both. You automatically have an advantage. They do not have their summoners, their escapes, so it forces them to play passive, until those cooldowns are available again, therefore you can zone them, and play aggressive while they have that disadvantage.

To go along with summoner spells, junglers can help you zone as well? If you jungler ganks early, like a Lee Sin, Amumu, Gangplank, that can pressure them, and maybe get some early kills. One of the most important things of an early gank is hopefully burning a summoner spell. Doing that like I said allows you to farm, and play aggressive knowing that they are down. Know the times of Flash, Ghost, Exhaust. When they use it, time it, and know when they will be back up. Sometimes they won’t know that you know about the CD’s of spells. If you have this information, share this with your team, when they come to gank, they know what to expect. “Sona’s flash is still down” They know they do not have flash. “Sona’s flash is now up”. They come and gank and know what to expect, and hopefully burn that flash again. Allowing you to play aggressive, and win your lane even more. Great stuff eh? This goes with you as well. When their jungler ganks, or your enemy played aggressive and made you blow some summoners, you are more or likely forced to play passive. Scared of ganks, and your enemy because they know this, and you know this. Be cautious of your summoner spells, even they come back up eventually, they will save your life. USE it only when you know you will not survive this assault.

Zoning in the bottom lane. Typically in Ranked games you will have a Jungler, two solos, and an AD, Support bottom lane. A lot of bottoms lanes are… Caitlyn Alistar, Taric Ashe, Kogmaw Sona, Vayne Taric. We will go with my favorite bottom lane, that I will sometimes play, or ask people to play. Caitlyn with either Alistar, or Taric. Caitlyn has the biggest base range of any carry. Which makes her very, very annoying person to lane against. When you are in the bottom lane as a Carry. You will be ricing like a boss, and getting as much gold, and experience that you can gather. Zoning in this lane is like any lane. Your lane partner will try to harass them back, so their ad carry cannot get close. Why I love caitlyn so much is because of her range. She can stay in the brushes, zone the enemies, and still cs at the same time. You want to be better than your enemies. You want to farm more, out level them, and make their lives a living hell in the beginning of the game. If your carry has more farm than the carry, and the skill level, your team is ahead. A good support, will change the bottom lane too. Clutch heals, clutch saves. Keeping your carry alive at all times, allowing them to farm, and not stealing their CS. I say this again. The support in the bottom lane, SHOULD not have CS. They should have wards, gold per 5 items, and generally support items. Remember this. I know I get a little irritated when my support last hits, or auto attacks the lane. As the carry you should NOT auto attack, and only last hit, so you don’t have the lane pushed up so far, for the jungler to have easy pickings.

As the lane phase ends, and the mid/late game phase comes along. Zoning becomes poking. Poking is lowering their health, or making them blue pill back, before a team fight starts. Therefore making the future fight 4v5. Great pokers are… Ezreal, Caitlyn, Morgana, Brand, Malzahar, the list could go on. Those are my personal favorites because of their Q W E R Abilities. Poking is a great tool to have when you know how to do it. Make sure you don’t go past the line of just poking, to blow your full mana pool, then having none when the fight actually starts. Remember that, and you shall win poking wars! So we covered some of the aspects of zoning. It really comes down to knowing your champion, your runes and masteries, and how to deal with your lane enemy. You must have game sense, and knowledge to win a lane, defiantly in a solo lane. Knowledge is power, and power wins games. Know your champions spells, their limits, and how to deal with aggressive play style, and defensive play style. When people want to learn solo heroes, I hope these tips will help you in the lane phase.

In my next game I will talk drafting, and counter picking their mid/solo lanes, and helping you draft. I hope you enjoyed reading about Zoning, and has helped you in one way or another. Thank you for reading! Cheers!


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