Drafting and You

Time for another post folks, this time we will focus on drafting, and counter picking. This is sort of a tough subject for me, I have learned to draft over my play time of League, but as an unusual player, I find my own counters to certain things. Example, to counter Morgana, I sent Wukong mid. Why? Because I feel that Wukong is a strong solo, good farm, and can avoid the Morgana harass, but like I said, i’m odd. So, let’s get into the “Real” counters to heroes. Morgana is a tough one to counter, I feel, because she is a overall good champion. She has a stun, an aoe/farm ability, an AOE damage/stun ultimate, and the well known Black Shield, which makes her so annoying to kill, and gank. Besides Wukong mid, when I see an Morgana mid, I like to send a pusher mid as well, because of Morgana’s farm/push ability with her Soil. I use people like Maokai, Lux, sometimes even Kayle. “Whoa, these are some weird pickups” In my time of playing, and I have used every champion mid just about, and faced every single popular middle champion out there, I am comfortable facing Morgana with these champions. Why? Because they can sustain the lane with Morgana, and keep the lane even. I find Morgana a stressful mid, because I can’t really CC her, because of black shield, Unless my jungler is mainly Physical damage, I can’t really scare her off. I can hopefully make her blow a few summoners, but besides that… Nothing much I could really do, unless the Morgana makes a few slip ups, and I act upon those. Let’s talk about Annie. Annie is one of the highest AP nukers in the game. Ryze, and Leblanc I find are like her. You are scared of her burst at level 6, because has that “Wombo Combo” I like to call it. How do I deal with annie? I like to send either someone with burst like hers, or someone who is a naturally tanky. I have sent a Leblanc mid against an annie, and due to my rune page, I can trade blows with her, and somewhat survive. If an Annie, or any AP nuker, starts off with a flat runepage mid, and a doran’s ring and starts off with about 49 AP, there is a few ways to handle this… I play very cautious. I know they will hit me like a truck from now, until I get some decent levels, and some decent farm. I usually start swearing when I see people with 49 AP, because it really makes my lane annoying. When this happens, you may have to blue pill home more, but eventually you will recover, and that will die off. Remember that, even if your lanes get pushed, and you lose a tower. You can recover, call you mia’s, farm and recover that you can match up to your enemy.

Solo top drafting is a like mid drafting in a way. One of my best examples for top drafting is this… If they have a jungle Udyr, and solo top Lee sin. I automatically think Garen. Why? Lee sin cannot sustain Garen’s damage output early on. You avoid his Q skill shot, You Q Lee Sin, and Spin to Win upon him, and he’s hurting pretty badly. Make him blow his summoners, and /Laugh at him all day long, as you deny him CS. Ain’t that awesome? One of the hardest drafting things I have ever had to do, was counter pick a Nasus. I was in a draft game, and I called Solo top, and I saw a Nasus pick, naturally I thought he would be solo top, and I was correct? (Good call right?). I had some spare time to think about this counter pick, and I thought to myself, who should I pick? I don’t want Nasus farming up his Q ability… If I fight him he has a very powerful slow, AoE/Armor reducing ability, I was in a tough spot…  After a long process of thinking I finally picked Cho Gath. Why? I felt that Cho could farm really well, and fight him really well 1v1, with two aoe abilities, one being a silence, and one being a stun. I also, could push his lane around level 4-5 to his tower, and make him miss a lot of CS. He was gaining levels, but he was not farming his Q, which is core on a good Nasus player. Runes/Masteries play a big part in solos, I do want to mention that. This is about finding what fits YOU the most, and how you handle and judge picks/counter picks. I feel that every champion in the game has a counter, maybe not a direct counter, but a person who fight well, and evenly. Which I think is a great thing to think about.

Drafting takes time to learn. I haven’t mastered that art yet, but I ask my friends for help from time to time. I’m giving you my knowledge of drafting, so that it may help you in the future in Ranked, or Normal Draft games. I feel that this a really unique part of the game, and it makes me think about my picks, and not just go some champion and lose my lane because I didn’t think about my laning partner, and how I would lane against him. I’ve made that mistake plenty of times, and cost the game that way by allowing my solo lane enemy to farm, and just carry that game to victory, and we do NOT want that now do we? Nope, I think we do not. Find your play style, find who you are good with, and when you see a Morgana pick, or an Annie pick, you can tell your team what to do, who to pick, and what not to pick. In Solo Que, some people will not listen, but trying is better than not trying at all. Share idea’s with the people who are banning, and are first/second pick. Help your team out, and build a better team comp than your enemies. Knowledge is power. You need knowledge and skill to win League of Legends… Sometimes luck is played, but mostly skill, and teamwork. I’ll say it again. Find your own counters, like I said, I have found mine. I recently countered a Morgana mid against my Riven mid. Completely stomped that Morgana, out farmed her, and got some good kills along the way. Next post, I will talk a little about Tanking, and How to do it correctly, because I’ve seen a lot of poor tanks lately, that have made my kinda irritated. Cheers!


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