Supporting And You

I think this will be a hard post for me due to it’s the least thing I do in League. Supporting. In most games, support will go bot with the AD carry. Popular supports are… Soraka, Karma, Taric, Sona, Alistar, and Blitz. Blitz!? In my opinion he is a good support, reliable knock up. When you play support in the bottom lane you will probably be laning with… Ashe, Vayne, Caitlyn, Kog Maw. There is a lot of things people do wrong in solo que playing support. I’ll name them right now. 1.They auto attack creeps. 2.They steal cs. They do not ward, and last but not least. 3.They are just horrible. We don’t want horrible support now do we? When I play support, I am what I like to call “The ward bitch” Vision… Vision… Vision. It will help your lane, it will help your team. If you are playing support, and you have not bought a ward 10 minutes in, you are playing it wrong, and should quit playing support. You will not have huge items, unless you have KS’d a ton of kills. That is where GP5 items come in handy. Kage’s Pick, Philo Stone, Etc. They are supports favorite items. You get money for doing nothing! Wish we had that in real life eh? Your job is to get your carry fed with CS. If you read my zoning blog, if you are Sona, Karma, and Soraka, you can auto attack the enemy heroes, and zone them out. So, you are not completely bored in the bottom lane. I know supporting can be bored, but it’s always an adventure. It’s like tanking… You get to save people, you get to give people gifts if you are a healer. Who doesn’t love being in lane all day farming? If you can let your carry CS, and have a Best friend sword 10 minutes in… Congrats, you are a awesome support. If have the same CS as your carry, or more… You are doing it wrong, and should be slapped.

You will normally take Flash and Clairvoyance, if you want to become a good support, learn to properly CV. At the start you will CV their base, then blue if they have a jungler. Before the minions spawn, you want to find their jungler. You should always use CV when it is up, and take Improved CV. The cooldown reduction is amazing, and should not be passed up. So, we got summoners down… The reason we take flash is because it’s so broken. It will get you out of tough spots, get you closer to a teammate, etc, etc. You want to get an early philo stone, and lots of wards. Ward Dragon, Brushes, even lane brushes. Know where their jungler is, their mid, and even your bot lane. You need to know these things. You want your carry safe. Vision will make him/her safe. Do you want your carry dead? If you say yes… Go shoot yourself in the foot. If you said No, you are correct. Our jobs is keeping that carry alive until the lane phase is over. Team fights come in… Well, you keep everyone alive. You should be warding until the end of the game. When baron spawns, look at the map, and ward it when it spawns. It’s huge to have vision on baron and dragon. Another point to a good support is jungle timers.

Nashor is on a 7 Minute Respawn time, Dragon is on a 6 Respawn time, Red lizard, Blue golem, 5 minute respawn time. Regular creeps, 100 second respawn timer. Remember this… They will help your team. So let’s say dragon drops at 21:00. Say in chat Dragon 27:00. Baron drops at 44:00, say in chat Baron 52:00. Like I said, this will help your team know when dragon is up, when to head over there, the same for everything else. If I am wrong on the timers, you have the right to shoot me. I am going by from what I know. So, i’m going to say this once more. VISION, WARDS. I have to touch on something else that is important. Oracles. If you can afford, AFFORD, a early oracles by all means get one. It’s a huge investment. 400G is a lot to a good support. It allows counter warding, without buying lots of pink wards. If you can make the enemy team have no vision, and you are full of them. Your team will have a huge advantage, and as a support you want that. Keep your carry alive, ward up, gold per five items, oracles, etc. Sounds easy eh? Sometimes it can be, and sometime it can be a very dull, boring, sucky job, but in the end it is worth it. Support is a needed role in every game. Carry your carry early, and they will carry you late game, it is how it works. Support takes time to master, with everything it involves, but it is a very good skill to have. I wish there were more people willing to support, and are actually good at it.

If you are not comfortable playing support, or know you are not very good at it. Tell your team. If you are a trash support, tell them, maybe someone else can for the team. Practice in normals. Play easy supports like taric, soraka. Point in click stun, and heals. It gets easier in time. We need more good support players in League of Legends. Some pro support players stream on You can watch some streams, watch how supports do it, and learn off that. I watch a lot of streams. It’s how I get a lot of information, and has improved my game play so much. I’m going to recap one more time in a list.

1.Flash and Clairvoyance. 2.Wards, wards, wards. 3.Oracles. 4.Jungle respawn timers. 5.Oracles. 6.Practice, Practice, Practice. Cheers!


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