Recovering A Lane

Long time no see, in this post i’m going to talk about recovery. In a lot of solo que games, people tend to lose their lanes a lot more then they should. They either get out played, ganked a lot, or just plain bad. Well, I hope this post helps you all out. When I solo, even I sometimes lose my lane, but I don’t get frustrated because I know I can capitalize on my mistakes. A lot of my friends I play with notice this, my tower may go down first, and therefore some people say “You lost your lane” Sure, I guess you could say that. My lane is now pushed to my side, and I can free farm with little fear of seeing my partner. Solo Experience, and free farm without interruption? Easy. When I push the lane out to where I can see the river, and possibly get ganked, I put 2 or 3 wards up to give me enough vision to back. This isn’t DoTa, we really aren’t punished for dying as in losing gold. We lose out on cs, and experience, but that is about it… We can recover so easily in this game, it’s not even funny, you just have to know how. Even though I lost my tower, I will still out creep my enemy and have more gold that way. You want to match or do better than what your enemy is doing, this is my goal. If my lane partner is out playing me, or out csing me, then I need to know I need to step up my game and do better. I am usually playing a Tanky DPS top, or a hard carry, so I need to do better than him/her. This really applies to all lane, even when you lose your tower, just continue to ward dragon, ward the rivers and your jungle and allow your carries to have vision while they farm, so they don’t get ganked constantly and die, over and over again. They don’t need to have constant fear hanging over them. When your lane is pushed in I tend not to just auto attack the creeps, I still last hit as many as I can, and hopefully still gain lane control, and not get to the river as quick as I can. I want to control this for as long as possible, and gain as much as I can out of it, that is my main goal. Supports should of course be around your carry, but do not steal any of the CS from them, just leech the experience from the creeps, we don’t want your carry hindered by your greed, that is why there are GP5 items in this game, just for greedy people like you. Don’t hinder your carry, or anyone on your team.

So, you have lost your tower and the lane is pushed to your side, and your beginning to push it out some, and you think to yourself “I have no tower, and I could get ganked” The ward placement and the amount of wards you placed will come in handy here. I place one in my jungle, the river, and wherever I feel I am the most vulnerable. I don’t want to die. Another scenario could be you pushed out your lane, and your enemy just pushes it back as hard as he can, and he comes back to you. In this case scream like a little school girl and free farm more. I love when this happens, because the farm I receive from this is so good, and this often happens. If you are mid lane and you lost your tower, ward your jungle, and maybe their jungle to give you some vision where they could be, and of course ward the rivers. Usually mid is a very squishy AP carry, and you will die quick if you are pushed out to far and without vision, be mindful of this. If you are not a warder and you constantly die from being pushed out to far, I hope you finally realize this is why. Wards win games, and save lives people. They are the best item in the game that deals no damage. When you lose your lane, just take a deep breathe, the game isn’t over, don’t say “GG” and give up. Recovery is so easy in this game like I said. My buddy UmbrellaExile and I have lost bottom lane once or twice, and we recover and still win the game. We use proper ward placement, and common sense to come back. We out farmed their carry, and continued this recovery into team fights, and won that game. Yes, we were upset we lost the lane, but we  told ourselves in the beginning we could possibly lose this lane, and would have to play recovery. Once we accept that we lost the lane, we can continue on with the game without being frustrated.

Also, one more tip if you are losing your lane. GP5 Items, like heart of gold, and philosopher’s stone can help out recover the gold, if you are bad at last hitting as well, will help you out so much. My buddy said I should to this in my next post so… Shoutout to SoloDragoon for showing how awesome Pantheon is. Cheers!


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