Defeat And You

I’m back for another post in my blog. We will be talking about defeat, and how to learn from it and accept it. I’m not perfect I lose some of my games to really bad mistakes. Some of them my fault and some of them are my team’s fault. Either way it ends up in being a loss for all of us. What can we learn from losses? We know what we did wrong, and we can focus on not doing what we did in that game and make sure we don’t do that in the next game. Positioning, Warding, team fights, dragon timing, and when to back out. All of this I sometime have problems with sadly. I improve with each and every game though which is important. Accepting defeat is typically hard, but when you get used to accepting it, and moving on and learning from it, it because so much easier. Recently, I was on somewhat of a losing streak, with my buddies, and I was starting to realize that I am okay with losing. It’s not what I want of course, but i’m realizing as the more losses I receive the better I become at this game. I even use the LoL replay system, and watch my own games and learn from that as well… If you want to try it out! Big shoutout for them to making a awesome program for League of Legends players.

Recently UmbrellaExile and I we’re losing some games, but we talked on vent, and even chat to determine why we lost. If we over-extended, how we could have done better in fights. We really didn’t get mad, I think I was more frustrated than he was, and I realized that with every loss we become a little bit smarter. Sometimes not, but I feel like typically I do. I used to be a huge rager, hated making mistakes, hated losing, and I would take out everything I had on my fellow teammates, which was terribly wrong of me to do so, but as I’ve played more, and gotten used to my buddies, I.E UmbrellaExile we have grown and stop raging… He never raged, it was really more me. I would defiantly take a note from my buddy UmbrellaExile, whenever he dies, he normally doesn’t give a care, and his famous words are “I doubt it”. Whenever I say “You died noob” he says “I doubt it” and we all laugh at it, even he does. He’s one of the mellowest dudes I know, and I respect him for that. Big shoutout to him for making this game a lot more easier to handle. You can follow him on twitter @UmbrellaExile

Another thing that I do is I watch a lot of streams… On Since I am a solo player, I watch a lot of The Rain Man. You can find The Rain Man at… That his Livestream. I learn a lot about what to do in certain situations, when to flash, when not to flash. I find that The Rain Man is one of the best solo players in the game. He’s extremely good at what he does, and I have a lot of respect for him for doing that. I don’t think a lot of people know how much you can learn from watching another play. The Rain Man is a extremely strong player, he adds a lot of entertainment value with his personality, but I learn a lot from him. I watch him religiously, and even as I write this, I am watching him stream. I defiantly would try to watch some people stream, I promise you, you will learn a lot from them. Even pro’s lose sometimes, but they get back up and play again and usually win, and so can you.

Back to my point with UmbrellaExile, we constantly talk about what we could do better in the previous game. Point out big key mistakes, I know we all have pride, and don’t want to admit out mistakes, but if you want to get better at this game, you need to learn from them, and admit that you did something wrong. It’s not as hard as it seems people, trust me, I used to hate doing it as well. Playing with fives is a lot better than solo queing. Try playing with friends that is the best way of getting better and not losing. We all know Solo Que, has a lot of stupid people in there. Some people blame Match Making, I don’t really have an opinion on it, but who cares right? Learn from losses, and be happy of the wins that you receive. I’m far from being a perfect player, but every game I give it my all.

My last point, and probably the biggest one of all… People give up to easily. When your team gives up first blood don’t say “GG” It really downs the team, and makes the momentum go away, no one wants that type of person. If your team is losing, but not losing that terribly, don’t surrender at 20 minutes. You could have a better late game than your opposing team, and could maybe carry it out to that stage. People give up to easily, and you really shouldn’t. I say GGGGGG as a joke sometimes, but I do not give up till the very last minute. When my nexus goes down, it is the end, not until then good sirs. You should train yourself to not give up so easily, and always give it your all. People say “I don’t care about this game anymore” or… “This game is already over, it’s whatever” I hate those people, they are the worst of the worst. They really need to grow up. In all seriousness if you are reading this and you are one of these people… Stop doing it, it annoys the crap out of people. Thanks for reading! Cheers!


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