Goodbye To League of Legends

This will be my last blog ever, and it was very short lived. I’d like to go into detail why I am quitting League of Legends, and share my point of views, and some memories. I started playing when the game went into Closed beta, and ever since then I had a blast playing it. I was literally addicted to it. After so many wins, over 1,000, I’ve chosen to call it quits. I’ve met some great friends along the way. Kevin a.k.a UmbrellaExile, RedSunEternal, KnaveOfHearts, TinRolex, and others. I have my own personal reasons why I am quitting League, but do point out the game play aspects of it, here’s a little bit of detail why I am quitting. A lot of champions are extremely unique, and not DoTa clones, which I love. There are a lot of broken things in the game, Broken champions, Flash, Items, etc. I’m tired of the same Tanky DPS meta game, but you know, I learned to deal with it over time, and frankly i’ve just had enough. In the end to whomever reads this blog, I encourage you if you love League of Legends, continue to play it, it is a very addicting, fun game, that brings a great deal of joy, and sometimes frustration. I’ve learned a lot about gaming, and general life stuff from playing League, from friends, who I claim are family to me. I’m not going into extreme detail of why i’m quitting, some reasons are my own. So, I guess what I would like to do is give shout outs to all who have made my league experience extremely awesome. As much as I rage/hate on Riot Games, they are decent people, they probably have the best customer support team in the world. The game will continue to be great for years to come. DoTa2 will not affect is as much as people say. Thank you Riot for making this game.

Kevin “UmbrellaExile” Holmes

Andrew “SoloDragoon” Faggot










Encased Shadow


The list could go on, but mostly important I have one big shoutout to make. To everyone I have ever stomped in Solo top, or Solo mid. Get better kids, and sadly I won’t be returning again to kick you’re noob asses again. Anyways, IsaacJewton signing off. May your adventures in League Of Legends be as awesome as it was for me.


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