Solo Top #2

Wow it is odd blogging now… Haven’t done it in awhile. So… lately in league I have been doing a lot better. I’ve mainly been playing top and adc. My favorite top champ right now is Kayle followed by Renekton. Super strong champions. They both have good sustain and great fighting potential. As for adc its mainly been Ezreal and Draven. Those two are my core adc champs.

As for solo top it is kinda of weird for me now… there are so many things that have changed in professional play and pub play. I’ve seen vayne and quinn top. Even then a lot has been changing. In my games the jungle has had a real impact on my lane. I’ve been more careful during my lane phase… not to push so much and zone and last hit. Usually I like to push push… hit tower. Rinse repeat. I am very arrogant in my lane. I usually don’t even ward when I have wards in my inventory. I am just to cocky. That is one thing I have been doing more of. Spending more money on wards so I know when he’s coming and possible counter gank. I have a huge list of complaints with the top lane right now. Its funky on how it works. It is still my favorite lane to play but still very annoying. Since I have been playing more and trying out some serious builds I’ve come to realize that you need wards and you need to be passive and aggressive when needed. Not just full on aggressive mode. Unless I know for a fact I’m winning the lane and fully warded. My builds vary from different games and my match ups. Since I can blog from my phone. Ill be keeping in touch daily. About league and world of warcraft.


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