Life In General.

Gaming is kind of rough on me lately. I’m enjoying more and more wow than league. I still play both but one more than the other. Two entirely different games, but I’ve grown away from the moba genre. Dota 2 and league of legends has lost its once loving touch. Balance issues, community issues etc I have had but lately I’ve noticed I just don’t wanna put up with it. My guild in wow is extremely friendly, relaxed and etc. Which is the perfect enviroment for me. Not always on edge in mobas.

I also tried playing some shooters and it felt meh to me. Nothing exciting, just a time killer that I wish I was not playing. I am playing a lot of wow and mtg. Those are the two things I really focus on right now. Blogging will help me release some tension I hope. Even if no one reads them. Which I hope some are. Oddly enough FPS shooters died for me a long time ago. I haven’t looked back since because I know what will happen. Rage. Since its around 4am I should rest. I will post again tomorrw.


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