NWN Online

Finally… that mmo itch, the thirst has been fulfilled. When open beta hit for NWN online. I was more than stoked. Stoked enough that I canceled my WoW sub for it. Clearly, it is the beginning stages of open beta. The prices will change in the zen store. More classes and races will be launched in the upcoming months. Founders have this 60 days early I believe? Which is in fact the Drow race. The game itself is extremely fun. The foundry system is amazing. Self made content? Hell yes. They really did a fine job. They still need to tweak things here and there like all games. I’ve made multiple classes and have actually spent money on this game. The only other free to play game I have done that for is League Of Legends. It is defiantly worth a hard look at. I enjoy actually reading the quest lines and the lore. The combat is so much fun. I have found enjoyment through it all. I would recommend looking at this game. People have complained about zen store prices but I’m giving PWE hope that they will make changes to it in time. Everything can be earned in the game with Astral Diamonds. They actually are fairly easy to get.


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