The WoW Effect, Part I

Same old same old. Back to the game that hooked me to mmos. We always seem to go back to it right? Motivation? Boredom? The list could go on but you know… I played it and I’m having fun and that’s what matters. New end game stuff to do and equipment to upgrade. Making a new alt to get to max level. A Druid that is what I am going to level. Worgen probably. Alas something to fill my time in while I am going through depression. Every time I go into deep depression I resort to world of warcraft. It’s my trigger to help myself relieve some of the pain. Interesting eh? Videos games healing depression and I’m glad it is… I need to more than ever and I pray it will help me like it’s always have in the past. I will allow myself to immersed in the game again. I want to be immersed as I possibly can so I can delve deep into the game and enjoy it. That is all I am asking out of it for now… A cure and fun. Let it be both please the time…


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