It’s been months since I touched this game. Because of all the exploits the game had at launch. I decided to reinstall the game and see how it felt. Holy crap it has improved so much! I am literally having the time of my life playing this game. The second module is coming out in December and i am super stoked about it. Ran into a extremely helpful guild and my character gets stronger every time I login. Crafting is super helpful and really simple the way I like it to be. Ever since I reinstalled I have literally been so addicted to it. I play a trickster rogue and I am excited for the new class Hunter. I’ll probably roll one when it releases but my rogue will be my main priority. Alas I have very little issues with the game. Gold spamming is still an issue but ignore feature is your friend. Exploits are destroyed and the game is now truly fun again. I am so glad to I was about to give up trying to find a MMO to play.


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