Neverwinter Part II

Well things have been pretty good in Neverwinter. I am enjoying my time questing and dungeoning. The double xp event has been treating me very well. There has been some aggravations but not that bad to write down. Grinding some crafting for some easy xp and astral diamonds. My gear has improved ten fold. I am enjoying my trickster rogue a lot: I am still super excited for the new class in Module 2. I will be rolling one for testing to see if I will like it after I hit 60 and do a lot of end game content on my TR. All in due time until December 5th. I wonder what story line they will follow after Module 2. Don’t leave us in the dark Cryptic. Please? Besides crafting and getting better gear. I have moved to a higher level zone and I am actually having to use potions and dodge more. Hooray for challenges am I right? Cheers!


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