Warriors Of Light, Part I

I’ve been busy playing a whole lot of FFXIV. Of course me being me I instead made a gladiator which will soon be a Paladin. Playing non stop for the past week and still having a blast. Grinded hard through some of the more boring parts but alas it was only for a slight moment. I am enjoying my experiences being back a lot. It really completes my MMO needs. Sure there is some things that need to be improved but I think in due time they will be. I have been tanking a lot of the dungeons and tanking in this game is a lot of fun I must say. At least from a glad/paladin perspective. And I don’t like tanking in other MMOs so this is really neat for me. I’m super stoked for late game raids and dungeons. Being a huge final fantasy fanatic being able to fight Ifrit was so much fun. I’m also stoked to be able to fight more espers/summons in the final fantasy series. There is a lot of content ahead of me. I’m taking my sweet time with the story line and enjoying the quests I am given and exploring a lot. I haven’t picked up a craft yet but I am sure I will later on. I will probably become a Paladin tomorrow if all goes according to plan. Let’s hope for that. I want to have my job already! I’ll be doing a lets play series on YouTube for ffxiv. Streaming will start soon as well! I’m going to try to do both and see what gets more popular and go from there. My computer is finally ready for streaming. Upgraded my net. Itll be full speed ahead for me shortly. Cheers!


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