Sometimes we all escape the jump, but we will never be able to escape what comes after the jump. I pray that you won’t get to that point, once you take the leap, there is no saving you, there will be no hand for you to grab unto. It’s sad to think it has come to this. Only one moment to shatter everything, one moment to kill off what you have worked so hard for you. I know you never saw it coming, but sometimes when you fall, you have to get back up, and smile while you fake it all on the inside. Sometimes it is all we have. No cards to deal, no cards to shuffle, it’s all over from here. Crying will only get you so far. Shame will corrupt you from the inside out. A darkness will come around your eyes, making you see only the hatred in the world, and the hatred that people have for you. It’s not fun with all eyes are judging you from a distance.

Even tough skin would break in your situation. I know love is a complicated thing, but I promise you, you will feel it again. Time heals all wounds, some leave scars, some leave memories behind, but that’s where they belong, in the past. They remind us what we have done to make such a mistake, and progress slowly from there. Isn’t it a sad world, when you get laughed at for such a small mistake? The world is full of judgement, eyes lurking, ears hiding, we hear, and see all your mistakes. Watch your moves kid, you gotta wake up sometime. I know it’s hard to accept the real world, but hurting yourself will only set you further away. New scars shouldn’t be made when old scars disappear. You can’t live like this, it’s all about progressing, not going backwards, but looking ahead, and hoping inside. You don’t need to be tough to survive, you just need to know the ropes. I know what I see inside you can come out, just don’t slip up, and no feelings will be hurt. I know that’s such a hard thing to do. Little by little, it will get better. Small steps, baby steps to keep you going. Don’t beg on your knees, you need not to show anymore weakness.

Broken bones can be mended, scars can disappear, now it’s your turn to choose what happens to your body next. I know a noose is always lingering around, but never give up on what seems hopeless. Hope can come from everything, and anything, you just have to look around. Constantly looking at the world for a glimmer of hope. It’s okay, I know it is scary at first, but it gets better… At least that’s what they told me.


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