Warriors of Light Part II

Now that Christmas is over and everything is settling down. Getting twitch and YouTube ready for some ffxiv play from me has begun. I will be testing the stream out soon. I wasn’t able to become a paladin just yet. Lack of spending time on the computer of course is the problem. Blame my family for everyone coming in on the holidays. Though I am dreading leveling my conjurer to 15. It’s just more of a I want to get this over with than anything. I just want my paladin already! Alas I am still having fun tanking. I’m a little unfocused because I have not hit the next dungeon yet but when I do I want to be a paladin before I venture in. I am really focused on end game tanking. A lot of my free company people need tanks more than anything. Good ones that is. Hopefully I will be one of those. I think in every pve end game tanks are more needing than anything. Tanks and heals. I think I would like being a healer in ffxiv but tanking seems more my style which is good, i usually just play DPS roles and that’s about it or off tanks. Like I said before I’ll be testing the stream out later tonight after I get home from work. Hopefully it will run and look great. Cheers!


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