Poem II

Kid, you gotta wake up sometime. I know i’m not tough, but I shed tears for no one. You think this is just about me? It’s about everyone. You are still running your mouth, and everything I have is bottled up. The world has me faded. Sometimes we all die a little inside, you make me feel like a traitor when you are around. I wish you understood the real world, and the words you speak only hurt yourself. People still stop caring, people will start laughing, it’s all in human nature to lose face down. Stop running your mouth boy, one of these days those words will catch on fire. I want you to see things rationally, not just the dark things around you. Kid, you got to wake up and see the light of day. Stop being such a god damn mess. Wake up, wake up, all you need to do is open your eyes. Don’t you ever thing about someone, or something else? All selfish desires burn down eventually. They break easily, just as bones to a body do. I’ll show you everything, as long as you can take the pain. Walk away kid, this will be to much for you. I used to be a person full of faith, and now I have seen the world in the eyes of the devil, and now I see every sin, and every lie, that has, and will be told.

Now i’m stuck with what I have seen, son, don’t you wish to turn around now? I don’t want you to seeing what I saw, corruption, and the serpent lurking around every corner. Yours, mine, and everyone else. Now the world stabs me, little, by little, making marks for more sins to come into. Now I am face down, teaching you what I wish I would have done. Now, i’m faded, and I’m jaded, I just want to give up on all of this, and follow the serpent into the fire. We all die a little inside, we just need to show a little love. A smile can make all the difference, fake or not, someone will notice. Sooner or later, it will become real, real as you can see in front of you. Bury your past, burn the skeletons, scatter the ashes, it’s all over now. It’s going to be fine now. I can’t promise you the memories won’t hurt, but we all press on, march by march, and hope for a brighter day. I’m not afraid to let it all out, we all have something to prove. It’s up to you if you want to show them all what you are made up. Just let it go kid, breathe again, and let yourself out of the water. It will be okay. I promise you, that all scars heal in time.


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