Poem III

With fingers crossed, I hope your life is in full motion, because the devil’s deeds never go away. Some day you will mean nothing, you shed tears and think everyone cares. Boy, you are in for a surprise when everyone walks away from you. It’s time to grow a backbone, and ask yourself what have I done? I’m not going to say it to your face, but kid… Sometimes you have to shut your mouth, and let it live. I know it sucks to be you sometimes, but the pain is always bigger than it seems. Just let it go, and walk away, and breathe a little deeper. Just because you think you are something else, doesn’t mean you are better than me, or anyone for that matter.

Stop being such a let down, and let yourself shine. Double dutch and watch yourself grow. A mirror only tells so much. I’ll cross my fingers for you, and to you it may mean nothing, but that’s just my way of saying I have hope for you. I was once a tough guy, but I stared into a mirror for a night, and saw a kid crying inside, ashamed of what he has grown to be. When I was kid I had a dream I would be someone big, that I would have helped so many people, and be showered with love. Now i’m just a tough guy dying a little inside each day, each passing moment. Kid, listen to me, you don’t know what to end up like me. Take a look outside, take a breathe, and realize what you have become. Don’t let your shadow follow you everywhere. Let the devil slowly slip away.


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