Poem V

This is the final time, you will see my eyes. I’ve revealed my true intentions, and i’m sad to say… It’s over. The lies, the sins, the hell we brought upon each other will finally come to an end. The constant hatred between our lies have become to much, and now everything makes no sense, even when we try to pretend we still love one another, it’s all just an act, a show for the world to see. We applaud each other just so we can keep going, it’s not far to us, it’s not far for the world to see such a wicked lie, a wicked love tearing about minute by minute, we never could call it quits. I’ve become a shallow man, a creature of habit, i’ve turned everything upside down just for a change. Tearing through skin and bones just to feel alive, to feel something else, to make sure I am real. I know I am a man of God, but I have to seemed to lose my light, i’ve lost the spark my eyes once had.

I stopped following the smile I once had, i’ve ended a path that was never finished. Your dark embrace has constricted my heart, and left me nothing by pieces of something that was already broken. How does it feel to see your creation torn to shreds, begging for the spark to come back, i’ve become such a sad sight to behold. I need someone’s touch, I need to feel the rush again, I want to stop the bleeding, I need a fix to feel real. I have done enough suffering for a life time, I know I sound weak now, but I used to be a strong person, I used to have such a precious aura around me, but I’ve lost it all in the darkness, it’s such a terrible thing.

I’m trapped in a false reality, that I have tried to escape, but the cage is to much for me to handle. All I am left with his prayer, and I wish for a miracle to happen. My Lord, My God, I am so sick of this place…


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