Poem VI

Son, you walk with no shadow, all fear behind you. Even the darkness is in fear of what follows you. Sadness, regret a past full of sins no man would ever want to feel or see. This has haunt you for years… You could never handle your own torment. It’s a shame you couldn’t handle your own pressure. You were once a happy man, full of smiles and hope, dashed and terrorized, your dreams shattered and the misery took over. Do you remember what you have done? Can you remember the last time you felt anything at all? Now you sleep with demons and ghosts, not even you can hide in your imagination. The pain is to much to handle… You wander the halls of your mind trying to find an escape… Trying to find sort of out, but all doors and locked, all windows shut… You see nothing but darkness, it’s such a shame you ended up like this. You had such promise… We all hoped for you, you let such a dark love take over… We know how you felt we saw how you bled… There was nothing we could do, it was over before it began. She took over you like a monster takes over a child’s dream. You live in a silent home with shattered walls, never again to see how perfect things could have been… Oh, don’t you know now? You could have been there by now, a darkness took over and you held your breathe for no reason… It’s such a shame. One day we hope you can break through your silence, but knowing you… By the time you can speak you will have lost your voice and drowned in silence… A farewell is only good when it means something… Even death can leave a scream in your ear….


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