She just wants to feel loved, she wants to be brought back to life. It’s such a scary world out there. All she sees is the prison that is her life, afraid of what they will say. She turns to the tears, to the misery that she remembers all of what they said before. It’s her heart against the world, the weight crumbles her, her mind can’t take all the hatred they say. She dreams of a world that will cure her disease, and make her scars go away. She believed every word they said, and she took it to the grave, never forgetting what they said. Doesn’t the world know what she is worth? She was to scared to look into the mirror, only to see what lies behind her, the memories they haunted her till her death.

They were to cold to see everything, to cold to see that her heart bleeds. Her bones ache of the years of torment, they all laugh at her scars, just because she was different, doesn’t mean she wasn’t beautiful. She just wanted to be blind, she didn’t want to see what she did to herself anymore. It wasn’t a cry for help, it was just a way to escape reality. It’s such a sad sight… Now she lies in the grave, still crying… The tears will meld with her skin, so even the grave will know her pain. Her walls scream for her. It won’t go anymore, because she ended it all.

She hopes heaven will be free of what the world gave her, she believes in angels. She wants to see the flowers grow, and see the world for what it really is. No longer lost, she takes the hand of the angel in front of her, and smiles for the first time. It’s so easy to smile… When the pain is all gone. If only the fear was gone, she hopes that she will never fall again. Now she looks upon the people who gave her the pain, and gives them forgiveness…


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