Poem X

If the tables were turned, where would you be? Pick up your heart, and follow the road that I left you on. It’s such a shame you took a turn for the worst. A black hole where your heart used to be. You can only do so much to cover up hatred. It will show even through the best of us. You always got me wrong, i’m not the devil, I just show you what you truly are…

Now I watch you from a distance, and watch your miserable existence. I’ll never let you go, I have you on a chain, and you will dance like the puppet you truly are. It’s so fun watching you squirm for even the slightest touch of love. So for you, it’s just another day of being in a prison, where you I take everything from you. Child, it’s just you against the world now. You bring the pain everywhere, and every one can notice the shadows that follow you. Haunting you. It’s such a terrible thing to see.

No one will know the pain you hold inside. It would be to much for any mind to bare. It’s not fair what the world has done to you. I know you lose every battle you fight, your vision blurred by the tears. I know it’s such a burden to carry. Pain given to you from a former flame. Burning you from the inside out. It brought you to the darkest places you could ever know. I know your burden… I know your pain. My demons mirror yours. Only able to exhale, forgetting on how to inhale. Hating what you have become, what could have went wrong?

At least the pain shows us we are alive, that we can still bleed, and that we can still feel something… Maybe, tomorrow will be different. Maybe peace will come, maybe hope will come. All we can know is that the truth will someday will show it’s face. Surfacing faster than we could imagine. I wish we could be restored to our former glory, only if you could acknowledge we were lost in the first place. We are living in some fantasy, where the lies are the truth. Fear knows our name, it knows where our shadows live. How can we fear what we no longer see?


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