Real Talk

I’ve been contemplating quitting writing entirely as for the gaming gospel and why? Don’t get me wrong here I love writing and things like that, I even posted the Rift Review yesterday. Am I missing out on something here? I honestly feel my writing isn’t really taken seriously sometimes or at all. I’ll say it again and again I think I put out some good writing content. Yet other people get more praise than I do at times. It kind of bugs me you know? I think I’m at or almost at 100 blog posts. Hell, that’s a lot and my style of writing has matured since the start of it all. So you know it just kind of erks me the wrong way when I’m posting a lot and an old spotlight blogger post something and everyone goes crazy, comments and etc, then disappear for a period of time again, and yet here I am just still doing what I’m doing. I don’t want fame at all, but a little recognition would help me a lot in confidence you know? Do I really wanna quit writing? No. But I feel like it’s for nothing at times. Sure I don’t work for the site or anything, maybe I should expand my posts to different websites that allow user content, but I like having that one home but… At the same time a little more exposure couldn’t help. I’m not looking to make a career out of any of this. I’m really not. But it’s like…. Gimme something more here people. Interact with me, leave a comment, tweet to me, do something. I’ll really trying here. Damn. /end rant

All in all I’m still thinking about it, I’m writing another review as it is. It could very well be my last one, let’s see here it goes…


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