New Poem

She’s worn by her mistakes, struggling with fear, and doubt. Enough to tear her apart, it’s such a sad sight to see, when she’s down on her knees, begging for help. All she needs is the strength to carry on. She wears her heart on the outside for everyone to see, but all they do is abuse the shattered heart. All she wants is for someone to hold her hand, to guide her away from the path she has strayed unto, is it so hard to let go of such a brutal past? She’s weary from the storm, with nothing left to give, she tries to grasp every breathe she can, just trying to hold on to the nothing she has…

He took all she had, bled her dry, took her for granted, a queen torn into a slave, she used to wear a crown of jewels, now she wears chains that binds her to the darkness. She wonders what caused this, she wonders what would have been different if she had not given in to what he wanted. Her hands shaking, her wrists bleeding, all she knows is the pain. She gives him forgiveness, but all he does is ignore her pleas, just to let her go of the chains that bind her. She just needs a cure, something to ease the pain. She doesn’t want to die, but she says to herself a cure is a cure.

She realizes she is nothing on her own, he has taken everything from her, and now even the most peaceful places have shadows waiting for her. Eyes always watching, following her. She knows if she puts space between him, she will just fade even quicker. This isn’t love she shares, it’s just torture, a fake feeling just so she can live one more day. She’s not bitter, she’s not angry… She just wants to feel loved again.

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