Oh my god, what have you done? It was perfect, planned from the beginning. Planned to perfection, only to be ruined by your sins, and your pride. It’s such a hard path to follow now, without any love, without any sense of direction, I am now truly lost in this world of darkness. I have a terrible curse on my soul now, I am alone… I am fighting blindly against this dark depression. Is this what I truly deserve? Maybe my sins got the best of me. Maybe time caught up with my lies, I only did it out of love. Now I turn to the blade and suddenly, it feels like reality is slowly slipping from my hands. I feel like even though I tried my best, it was for nothing but pain. You left me when I needed you the most, without a word… Without a sound you left me. I wonder why, but I can’t help but feel your cold heart got the best of you. I know what I did, and it was out of love, but can you truly blame me for what I did? I guess how it ended was how it was meant to be. I remember when I looked in your eyes and told you I loved you, and you stared into my eyes… And said nothing. I even begged for something to be spoken but you didn’t listen, and that was the most painful memory I have of you. Now I’m writing these words… Wondering where the architect of the universe is. Maybe I deserve it, maybe it was meant to be… But I feel like it could have been different. I mostly live in silence… I live in my dark room, and I just let my mind wander… Where were you when I needed you the most. I am filled with anger, clutching my heart from the pain. It’s the soul that stings the most…


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