For her, it’s just another day of being in a prison. She has so much to give. She lives in constant screams, she wishes the world to be silent, she just wants a moment of peace, to compose her broken heart. She feels like she’ll never be enough for him, never be enough for anyone. The pain is almost unbearable. She cries herself to sleep, tired of how the world treats her worried soul. With a broken heart, she walks the streets wishing someone would come and hold her gently. She’s nothing more than a shadow in the wind.

She waits for someone to notice her, some sort of voice to come tell her it will be all okay in time. She doesn’t believe time heals all things, it’s been years since her accident. Nothing has changed, not even the pain goes away. She’s become cold to happiness, not feeling anything but what she holds insides, for years it’s been the same, for years it’s never changed. Everywhere she goes it’s the same grim out look, she just wishes her memories would go away, but they don’t… They always haunt her.

Maybe one day he will return to her, realizing all the pain he’s caused, all the pain he has made her live through. She’s lost everything, she’s lost all that she needed, and for years her heart has been broken. She’s carried this weight for so long, it just feels natural to her. Her heart cannot mend, her soul cannot be repaired. She breathes in the world’s darkness, she takes in all the pain she can, until she bursts into tears, realizing her life is in shambles. She never took anything for granted, she loved every single minute she was with him, and just like that, he was gone.

His lies, and betrayal took everything she had, and left him broken. He has no idea what kind of pain he has caused, he left her in a scary world, with nothing to hold unto, her love has vanished, and he took everything with him. She takes a look at herself in the mirror, and asks herself whats wrong with her? She forgot how beautiful she really is.


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