Dearly Departed 

It’s a shame you became this way, you succumbed to the world, and I can’t say I blame you… You hid in the darkness, never showing a smile, the only issues you had is with the world itself. You presumed to much, and it cost you, your life and now all we have to see is a shadow of what you used to be.We all know it is a harsh world out there, and I am sorry to say that you didn’t make it. Now your family lives with the grief, and there is nothing you can do now to soothe the pain away. I’m not ashamed to know you, and I want you to know your family isn’t as well, we are just sad you took the path you did. Do I blame you? No, the world is a cruel mistress that takes so much, and gives so little back. I know the pain you went through, I know the struggle that your mind went through… At times I wish I didn’t make it as well, but I guess my struggles weren’t nearly as bad…

You are now part of the dearly departed, and we wish we could talk to you one last time, and we wish we could erase time to save you from this world, but we can’t… We must now live with our mistakes, and we are haunted by this world, because we all know it is so easy to give up… Trust me, I know how easy it is just to give up…

Maybe one day, people will realize how harmful judging can be, a way a man or woman looks at us, or how they react to how we talk, how we act, or how we live… Some people believe this is all just an act of attention, and we are not broken, and we are just going through a phase… If this is just a phase, I wish it would just pass then, but it’s been years and years since I last saw a smile on my face, since I truly laughed, maybe now you can see with all the dead around you, that this isn’t merely a phase, we suffer because of what the world has brought upon us..

We pray to be cheerful, we pray to see a smile upon our faces again, and we hope to see the sun again. Hope is a small thing in this world now, with all the negativity going around, that is why we hide in our rooms, and we hide our emotions, because we are afraid of what the world would say of our scars, and our memories… So we keep to ourselves, because no one should know of the pain we have gone through, most wouldn’t understand… That’s the saddest part of all… Most don’t understand


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