A lot of you might have known that I was going to write the Black Desert series starting shortly, due to how the game has been behaving and the community involved, I have decided to post-pone that indefiantly. Sorry for all of those who were excited for that series.

Instead I will be doing another Elder Scrolls Online series starting next week. I feel like with the blog maturing and that is the game I have an active subscription and playing on a daily basis for multiple hours a day it deserves some justice on this blog. 

I know I haven’t updated this blog with the content that is on the mmorpg.com one. I haven’t forgotten about this one, hell its on my Twitter bio! It’s been a dumb judgement on my part and laziness as well. I owe myself a slap on the face that I have betrayed what started it all, this Gaming Gospel blog. You might see some poems on this site as well, they were meant for a seperate WordPress I own for my poems, somehow they got messed up, so you can either ignore them or read them. From now on they will be posted to the poem blog, and this will be strictly used for gaming!

As a content creator I do want to expand my horizons and begin live steaming some more. I really should just start to load OBS before I play any game I intend to write content for. Just like this blog I have neglected my twitch channel and have failed a lot. I mean I got a brand new PC just so I could live stream and show you how I get my content for the blog… And I have failed, I have failed multiple ways and all I can say is I am sorry. I’m working on quality not quantity. I used to spew blogs out left and right but they had very little quality to them, it was all about pushing more out without even editing or making sure I kept on subject and didn’t repeat myself…

You may have noticed my blog posts have dropped significantly on mmorpg.com that is because I want to focus on quality. When I write something I want it to be perfect, beyond any expectation I have for it. Edited, and have content I find viewable and readable. The past quality in my blogs has been dog crap. That has been changed and quality is now my top priority. I am extremely happy that I have made this change.

You will see vast improvements to the blog soon, and you will this site updated to fit my style more. Thanks for sticking around… It means the world to me. Cheers!


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