All Important Updates

As you can see the site is undergoing some changes, some of them maybe permanent while others will be temporary. Things like layouts, fonts, etc will be changed quite frequently as we adjust everything to our liking. Everything is a WIP until we have confirmed everything is complete as can be. As for the reviews coming in. I will start chugging away on them when I am done with all the site changes. It’s exciting to be doing work on the blog again. Kinda funny how my OCD is kicking in with this website.

I will probably be buying a domain name here soon for this blog, so I can feel more official than just a WordPress blog. I think that will help me feel a lot of more professional and official. I’ll have more on that when I decide to go ahead and do that.

The streaming content will be starting daily, and I will have no set schedule until a couple months down the road, and get everything settled for that. I’ll be tweeting out when I go live and stuff, so make sure to follow me @SirIsaacJewton to stay up to date with stream times and blog posts. Whenever I post a blog, there will be an automatic tweet going out. Nifty eh!?

As for right now the stream will consist of mostly Elder Scrolls Online gameplay, as I get stuff for the upcoming series about it. I am sad about the non schedule, and not having that information available, but I’m giving you all the information I can currently give you. The problem I currently have with setting up the stream is the lack of a second monitor for reading chat, and doing other various things with viewers. I remedy this situation by using my laptop as a second monitor, and I will probably purchase a second monitor as soon as I have the funds available. (Going on a vacation with my girl.)

All the settings are ready for the stream, I’ve watch and read so many how to and guide videos to screw up now. For those of you who don’t know, the reason why I haven’t been streaming as much is technical reasons, and now they are all resolved. So I will be streaming whenever I am playing Elder Scrolls Online.

Which gets me to my final point of this update… How does all this happen, and what goes on? From what you see on stream is the the game play I will be using to write the upcoming series. All of you what see, hear, and think about the game is what I am going to write about, with my own twists. You will see roleplaying, lots of guild chatter, and questing. For the sake of the series, I will be doing some PvP as well, but not as much. I will be playing my level 70 champion Nightblade. The series/stream will revolve around him and his adventures in the game, and how I conduct it. I’m really excited to blend stream and writing together, I was meant to do this ages ago, but lost track of time and technical difficulties to allow that to happen, and I apologize for that.

The original series that was meant to meld streaming with writing was The Secret World. I still have the highest regard and love for the game. It’s just that ESO just fits me better… The world, atmosphere, questing, everything about it just fits me better as a gamer. In the next couple of days I will have another update for you all about the blog and what is coming up next. There is going to be a lot of good news, and a lot of improvements coming our way!





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