The Almighty List Of Upcoming Changes

The almighty list is here, shall we begin?

#1 Quality Improvements

There will be a lot of quality of life changes to this blog, inside and out. As far as the layout of the actual site, and the layout of the actual blog. I’ve been tinkering with a lot of stuff, and a lot of drafts have come and gone with the new changes. There has been so many different formats I have changed, some I really couldn’t get into, and others I really liked. It’s been a journey to find the perfect blend of quality and touch of me. I’m weird, you know? I gotta put my mark on everything I write, good or bad.

The actual site will go through some changes as well. Layouts will be coming and going until I find the perfect fit for me. As well as different fonts, pages, and other things WordPress has available for me to utilize. I’m reading up on guides on how best to use WordPress. It’s going to take me awhile to get used to everything, and I will let you all know when the changes have been finalized and what you see is the final product of the new blog.

Streaming will become a huge part of what I do, I think it’ll be a different adventure for, and one that I can learn a lot from, and hopefully the community can grow and become what I always imagined it to be. This interjects with my next point about quality… I started and still am a small time blogger, my visitor count isn’t high, and I hope it to grow most of my views come from Don’t get me wrong, I like the views over there, but I wish they could transition over here as well. I know The Gaming Gospel started over at and will continue to be over there, and that may stay for a long time, and this will serve as the standalone version, my version where I can do my own thing as time goes on. I feel like I need both right now, and that is okay with me. I don’t want to stay a small time blogger. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon, but now I want to take it more seriously and get better at my craft. That is my main goal in all of this, to better my craft.

As for some of the other quality things is just more of time. I will get better over time and hopefully with the readers help and comments on what is good and bad about everything, I can get closer and closer to perfecting my craft and being the best blogger I know how to be. It’s going to a great adventure, and a great learning process. I’m going to try my best to stay humble throughout it all, and not allow my emotions and everything to cloud of my judgement and allow myself to get better with reader’s comments and critiques.

#2 Video Content

This is not the announcement of me doing Youtube reviews, sorry about your luck. This is information about the Twitch stream! Basically what I’m going to try to do is get a daily schedule, and do it for a set amount of hours, so it’s just “I’m live now, now and now”. In small segments. I’m hoping to start around 4 hours of continuous stream, and then add additional time over time. If that sounds a little complicated I am sorry, I’m not trying to make it sound overly complicated. I’m going to start off small, and hopefully if time, job, and life allows it, get bigger and bigger, and stream for longer periods of time.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How will this interact with the writing portion?” Good question, and this is something I have thought over a lot, and this is the best way I can describe it. If you watch the stream, you will get a better perspective on how I write the blogs, and how the content comes to me, and understand why I write about certain things, and why I skip certain aspects of what I go through. I get a lot of questions about “Why don’t you talk about this, or why do you talk more about X than Y” Watching the streams, and potentially VODs, will help you understand how the writing process happens, and why I do talk more about X than Y. As time progresses, I’m sure it will meld better, and everything will flow how I truly intend it to. I have high hopes this will help the blog grow, and my stream grow. It’s going to be insane for me at the start, but as soon I get into the groove of things, it’ll go a lot smoother. I promise you that.

I have thought about Youtube content, and just going strictly to video reviews and video content, but that would giving up a huge portion of who I am, and how I started: Writing. I could do both, like I am doing with Twitch, but I already know a lot more about Twitch than I do Youtube, and I like streaming more than I do actually making, editing, and uploading a video. Everything is live, and that is the way I like it for now. Of course, I could always change my mind down the road, that is always plausible, but for right now this is what I have my mind set on. Sorry! It is something that I did think hard about, and that decision was not made lightly about how I am going in with the future. Blog and Twitch is what I have decided, and I am going to give that a lot of time before I just say “Screw it, let’s do something else” I have to let what I have my sight’s set on grow.

#3 Growth

This goes without saying that I want the site to grow. Hopefully with all of these improvements that I have talked about, and more constant streaming, this can be achieved. Once all of these are in place, and I can truly show off what all I am talking about, hopefully the overall growth of things will start to happen, and continue to happen over time. I stated before I don’t want to stay a small timer blogger the rest of my life you know? I plan on doing this for a long, long time and I want to become big. Am I talking about million of views big? No, just bigger than I am right now, which shouldn’t be to hard, haha. This portion is pretty much self explanatory. I don’t think I have to go into this anymore…

#4 Pace Of Content

This is the final point of this post. I have thought about this awhile to, and it was a difficult one to come to a conclusion with. Since I will be streaming every day, when should the written content come? I used to it every week, then every two weeks, and I couldn’t find a suitable pace for me. What did I come to? Whatever series I am on will come every two weeks, and whatever additional articles I have to publish will come between that time. That way there will be some content between the actual series, so everyone won’t be bored between those two weeks. I think this will be the best way going forward, and if it needs tweaks and changes then we will do that accordingly.

I have really high hopes for the future, and I am expecting all the site changes to be done by at least the beginning of August, if not a little later depending on whatever happens… I’m not expecting many hitches, but you never know with me honestly…

As for the additional content, I will explain a little bit about that now. Apart from the series I will write about additional games I play, they will be random and probably not announced. If they are a special thing like developer interviews and things of that nature there will be an announcement before the official posting. I defiantly do plan on having interviews and stuff like that lined up in the near future. As far as my “series” go, after a series is complete, and for the record I don’t have a set limit on how many posts will be for each series, it usually ends up with my just being done with the overall game, or tired of writing about it… At the end of the series, I will announce within that post the next game.

The next series will be posted after two weeks of the series finale. Again, sorry if that is confusing anyone… I do already have something lined up after Elder Scrolls Online is completed. Beyond that I have nothing planned, but I have months and months to plan something… I did tease it on Twitter awhile back though, heh.

That is all for now. Phew, that’s a pretty nice list, and hopefully it’ll all come together smoothly. Thanks again for reading. Cheers!


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