The Grand Update!

It’s been awhile since I posted anything… Well here is a substantial update for you all. It’s been a well needed break and I happy to report that this break will be over shortly. It’s rather personal why I took such a long break so I will spare you all the details on why.

Lately I have been wondering where I want to head with all of this blogging and streaming. I often asked myself if I want to make anything out of this besides my own learning… Yes, in the past few months I have been taking this all a lot more seriously than before. With all good intentions of course. I want to expand and become greater than I already am. (Not boosting my ego…) so what exactly is holding me back from this? Time? Fear? I’m not sure but I think I am finally past all of that and ready to give this a better shot.

I will never give up but in the past I have felt like this has just ran its course and I am never to blog about MMORPGs again… I know differently now but back then I thought I hit an impasse and was never going to break free. Luckily some inspiration came my way and I happy to say I have my writing urge back. So I sit here to you with an open mind and ready hands. It’s feels really good to be back and I am still making plenty of good changes to myself and the blog!

So where do I go from here you might ask? Well first I must improve the site and get everything rolling again! Many site improvements are coming I promise you! I have many games to come back to and review be and no more laziness… it’s time to act and write about games again. I have a list in fact that I will go over later on in this post of which games I will be reviewing and when. Until then, I just want to talk about general blog stuff, and how it’s going to go from here on out.

In the past I was able to churn out content like crazy, but it was lazy, sloppy work. Yes, I had a ton of content coming out for the blog, and it felt accomplishing for awhile, but then I realized how poor the quality of the work was. Instead of being the best I could be, I went for quantity not quality, something that I wish I never had done, but I did it and it happened, for reals. I want my writing for the best quality I can make it out to be. I will be slowing down my the amount I post, and I have talked about this before my prolonged break. I will have fewer posts, but the posts will have more in them. Better paragraphs, better flow and overall longer. Instead of being an average of 2-3 pages, it will be 4-5 pages and so on.

This allows me to do multiple things. 1.Allows me to have more polished work, and make me feel better as a writer. 2.Gets better content out there. 3.Allows for the Stream to be a little more interactive, since I still will be streaming all of my adventures. Hooray! All of this combined will be a winning combo. Let’s shift gears for a moment, and talk about what I will be reviewing and when. (Yay, Unveiling time!)

The first game I will be reviewing since coming back will be… Gloria Victis! It’s been a long time coming for this game to be reviewed and I will be working closely with Black Eye Games with this one. There will defiantly be an interview with the lead developer! It’s going to be really fun and this will go into the new year. 

I will not be doing any game reviews besides Gloria until 2017. Every 2-3 weeks there will be a post about the game. October, November and December will be dedicated to Gloria. This is a huge step for me and I Am very excited to do this! I’ve been playing Gloria since the game was playable. 

I will be posting another update in a couple of days with more details. The plan is to have the first post up by next week. Saturday or Sunday! Cheers!


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