Survive The Plague… [P2]

Note: There was some error in my part in the last post about naming as such. This will not happen again and will be edited as well. I apologize for this and hope you will continue reading this series. Let’s begin!

In the last post I went over the general knowledge stuff about the game. I said in the last post that I was going in-depth this time. It’s going to be a lot of fun talking about and I hope I won’t confuse anyone doing this. I want to first touch on crafting and how it’s really important in this game and why I focused on it within the first couple of hours of me playing the game. When you first start a character you start off dirt poor. Literally just dirt poor. Again we are in the survival mode, and went to collect some basic stuff to survive. Food, shelter, and money. Maybe not money, but again I am a very greedy person. I guess I should just play Beggar more often shouldn’t I?

I forgot to touch on something in the last post which I apologize about. Hunger. Hunger is very important, and more often than not you are going to be eating a lot of berries. In-game my diet is mostly berries. I find some bread once a while and once stole some meat from some bandits, but mostly berries. My Peasant loves him some berries. Some are more moldy than others, but they keep me alive. I went around finding as many berries, any type of sticks and stones and got to crafting. Literally my guy makes a living off of crafting. Making bows and arrows and selling good wood. I don’t make a lot of money, but it’s something to keep me alive for now…

My buddy who I play with makes people and myself armor. Without him, I would be dead a lot quicker in fights. Most of the swords and daggers that I have come across in “The Black Death” has come from stealing from bandits or killing them. Sometimes I get lucky and find some in barrels in towns but mostly from bandits. My aim has gotten a lot better in the game, even though sometimes the combat can feel clunky it is still a lot of fun. No tab targeting! Hooray! Killing cows sometimes feels harder than kill bandits, but maybe they are just god-like cows? Maybe Small Impact likes their immortal cows? Who knows! So far in my playtime I have come to like ranged combat more than melee combat. I’m like that in most games but I feel like ranged combat in “The Black Death” is so much more satisfying than melee. My opinion of course. My armour making friend enjoys melee combat more so to each his own! Needless to say the combat in this game is fun. Clunky which can be fixed and optimized in time, at least it is fun.

Crafting is extremely essential in this game. It is my main money source and it is how I get better equipment and money. Is it the perfect system? No, but I can say it doesn’t bore me. In most games I rarely touch the crafting aspect of the game but I find The Black Death’s crafting to be not so boring and engaging. Yes, the RNG aspect of it does annoy me at times, but RNG annoys everyone except for the lucky right? No system is perfect but this crafting system is better than other games for sure. I do feel like this system could be tweaked to give better results and not be so RNG dependant but I do like what they have in place. I suggest learning the crafting system very quickly and your gameplay experience will be a lot more fun and overall better for you.

A little off-topic right now but I think my biggest fear for the game is the Early Access portion. I’ve seen countless EA games either be shut down, cease in development etc etc. I know this game doesn’t have the highest player count but Small Impact does have an amazing game on their hands. I don’t want them to stop development and cease operation. This is one game I want to see them get out of this EA phase and truly thrive in the gaming market. I know it can which is why I want to give it as much exposure as possible through blogs and streams. It has so much potential, please Small Impact do not give up on this game, pretty please? That is my only plea to you guys and girls right now. I hope that is not to much to ask. Anyways, back to the actual gameplay! I just needed to get that out of my system, sorry!

Let’s talk a little about the map and towns involved with The Black Death. There are currently I believe in I am counting correctly 43 unique locations in the game. Ranging from major cities to small farmlands. I told you in the last post this map is HUGE! There are I also believe 17 zones that those locations are located in. If you are not in a specific zone the map will simply tell you that you are in the “Wilderness”. I apologize in advance if my numbers are wrong, I simply just counted in my head and went in-game. Just know that there is a lot of places to visit and scavenge in the game. I haven’t been to all of the unique zones yet but I have been to most of the cities. My favorite by far is the Monastery. It is simple beautiful and a fun zone to travel to… Not so many dead bodies as well… It just seems so peaceful there even with all of the death and decay in the lands. I tend to find places where the death in “The Black Death” won’t find me. I’ve only died a couple of times.

Another thing to mention that I forgot to touch on with skill points and death. The spent skill points you have done in the tree do not go away. You keep those, thank goodness. I’d be a little more than upset if all that work went away when I died. I feel like that is a really good thing. The game won’t punish you for long play times and progression. Remember, progression is important! Progression is good, progression is great. You want all the skill points in the world, which is why I craft a lot. Sweet sweet XP. Now there may be a better way of getting XP than crafting, but I have not found one yet. If you have… let me know… I need to know…

Even though the map is pretty big, travel time doesn’t seem so long because of all the unique places there are to visit on the way to each major city. You honestly want to take your time and just explore. Small Impact did an amazing job on the world and the immersion of it. The game is truly stunning and beautiful and each and every zone is unique and not copy and pasted. You can tell some time went into planning all of this out. Kudos! I love just exploring the game, the immersion of it allows for the roleplay value to skyrocket. Oh, did I mention that I roleplay the heck out of this game, because I do!

Roleplaying for me is also an essential to this game. I try to get everyone on the server involved as well. It’s fun to roleplay as a Beggar or a Peasant. Maybe you are an outlaw trying to do good in this plague ridden world? The possibilities are endless, which is the beauty of it all. Endless possibility, endless value. The game like I said before SCREAMS roleplay value. Even if you are not into role playing the game still overalls more than most on Early Access. I just try to tell everyone to give roleplaying a chance to really immerse yourself into the world. Immersion will always be there with or without roleplaying so don’t feel like you are missing out. I promise you, you aren’t.

There is a reason why I believe in this game so much. I was seriously so burnt out of buying EA games and being let down. I was so sick and tired of that and when I stumbled upon this game, to be honest I didn’t know what to expect and I’m so glad I purchased this game. It has brought upon for the survival genre, at least for me. I want others to experience the sheer amount of fun I am having with the game as well. Seriously, you need to try this game. I promise you, you will not be let down by this game and Small Impact. I have told you all how much the game has been improved/updated since launch and I am sure there is a lot more to come. I know this post is coming the day after the last one, but I was so excited about starting this series I am just writing and writing. It’s always exciting when this happens. I love to write and I love to play this game.

Next post I will be covering three important things in way more detail. 1. Role play, 2. Combat and 3. Longevity of the game. Three really important aspects to me in a survival game, and I will be covering all of them in the next post. I will be focusing more on the 3rd one Longevity. I feel like that is super important and will be somewhat of a plea to Small Impact as well. Which I will get way more into in Part 3 of this series. I will continue to write about this game far past part 3. I do not know how many parts there will be but I aiming for 10+. My hopes is this will be the most written about game for “The Gaming Gospel” since FFXIV days. That is my hopes and dreams for this. There is defiantly enough to talk about for 10+ posts, I assure you. Again, thank you for reading and supporting the blog.

You can check out “The Black Death” on Steam Early Access or at their website at and you can visit my adventures of the game over at Thank you again for all the support! Be sure to check out The Black Death and see you in Part 3!


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