Survive The Plague… [P3]

Back at it again… Let’s talk shall we? I told you in the last post that I will be focusing on three important things, well at least to me. Combat, roleplaying and longevity. I will first be talking about roleplaying and the value it has to me in this game. Now if this doesn’t interest you, please just scroll down to part 2 and you won’t be as bored!

I’ve talked about this a lot and how I roleplay in this game, but this sort of ties in with longevity as well. I stated that this won’t make or break the game if you don’t roleplay, please remember that. This is more of a personal choice that I make while playing this game. Even though I try to get as many people as I can involved I can still have fun without roleplaying. The setting of the game really adds to that value. You are literally trying to survive the plague, the death and decay that it causes. You see dead bodies everywhere, beggars walking among the streets and NPCs talking about what they are going to do. How are you going to survive? Will you be a follower or a leader? Do you hide in your own house or explore the world and hope to live through the adventure? Do you try to barter or be selfish and hoard everything you find? That’s a lot of questions to be answered…

This allows me to get more involved in the gameplay. There are of course many others things to do to immerse yourself in the game. This is one that I just choose to do because it’s fun and the people I play with generally roleplay with me. Everything’s better with friends right? Of course it is.

I honestly can’t wait for the community to grow and get some more full servers. The community is extremely help as it is and generally will roleplay when I try to get everything started. We once had a group of four people go across the whole map and kill every bandit in sight. We played for about three hours and it was so much fun. That is the type of roleplay I tend to roll with. Of course we roleplay in server chat and get as many people as we can involved. We haven’t been super trolled yet, but did we have one player kill me and I lost all my skill points I was saving up… That was not a good night for me…

Is roleplaying for everyone? Obviously not, but again I try to get everyone involved when I do and if you try it and don’t like it, nothing is lost! This game can be played in various ways and you can find enjoyment in all of them. That is one of the beautiful things about this game. So many different ways to play it, so many different ways to enjoy the game. Which adds to the longevity of the game, which I will talk about next. So you have skipped the first part, this is the time you want to read now! Just a heads up!

After talking to Small Impact Games they do have a long term plan for the game, which is very assuring for the game’s future. With the additional content they have added since launch, you can obviously tell they have a plan. They have a goal which they intend to get to. I know we could talk about funding and player base, but right now I want to talk about the actual in-game stuff, not real worldy stuff at least for right now. Every aspect of the game can obviously be improved on, like every game. What exactly do I think SiG should improve on for longevity? I asked myself before even starting to write this and I really think they should focus on the plague. The fear of it. It’s one of the things that make the game different from all the other survival games.

You have this fear of the plague, that fear that you could die from it sooner or later. Maybe add more elements to give you the plague or fear it more? I’m not saying make it kill you faster not at all, but it’s the fear that gets to me. I think that would be a good addition to the game. Something I feel that maybe more important than the plague is the world/map. Even though the game may have stunning visuals, it’s the map and the world the game provides which amazes me. All those areas to explore and all those places to loot! Add more of those places, I don’t think the map should be downsized but should be expanded, and with that expansion should be of course: Mounts. Maybe they already have that idea planted and just waiting? I hope so, mounts would be super cool in this game. Not just for the sake of getting places faster, but what if your mount got the plague? Dear God, that would be awful eh?

Please, if anything add to that beautiful world that you have created. Yeah, more classes would be nice and everything but I would rather more areas to explore and places to loot and maybe some bandits to kill as well? I mean, don’t get me wrong I love my farmland, but I would also like to be fearful of bandits pillaging my poor farmland… Give me fear of losing my pride and joy and maybe my main source of food… Yeah, it would suck if I lost it but then I would have to plan out where to plant my next farm. Give me a reason to strategically place things. Okay, maybe I am asking for to much, but a wishlist is a wishlist yo, lemme have my dreams.

Additional weapons, armors and things like that would be needed to of course. I mean, I guess I am making a lot of work for SiG but I really just want this game to reach it’s potential to be the best survival game out there. Why? Because I believe in this game, the feel of it and I believe in Small Impact Games. For once I actually believe in a company woo hoo! Don’t give up on them and they won’t give up on the community. The are extremely close with their community and very transparent which is all what we want in this day of age: Transparency.

Again this adds to the longevity of the game. A company that cares and want their game to grow and loves their community and wants to make it stronger. Past readers will know how important community is to me. Just keep the good work up on that SiG. Alright, I know I am rambling, let’s continue on shall we? Longevity could be extremely easy for this game as long as SiG plays their cards right. I’m confident that they will and time is on their side. They have built a unique game, already added a ton of confident and with plenty more to come. If I was SiG I would be very proud, and be happy that this game has a bright future. The community of The Black Death should be hyped and happy as well, I know I am!

Enough about longevity for now, I think we covered most of the basics of that. Let’s go into the third and final thing I wanted to talk about: Combat! I couldn’t tell you exactly why I wanted to talk about this in this post, but it’s something I would like to talk about. I am extremely happy that this game’s combat is not tab targeting. You have to aim and you have to dodge and block. Now I know the AI in the game isn’t the best and the aggro is hit or miss sometimes. It’s alpha and I can forgive the somewhat terrible AI. The problem I have with how combat is right now is the actual fighting. I can see my health meter which is fine, but there is no telling me that the bandit or enemy is near death. Is it going to be 5 hits or 50? It just seems different each and every time and I know the mobs are the same. It’s maddening at times. I’m sure they have a plan to improve combat at least I hope they do. I am more forgiving about it since it’s alpha and I don’t think combat would be on my top priority either. The game is ten times more optimized than most Early Access games as it is. If this game were a full release and had the combat it has now then I would be like “What the crap is this” but since it’s Early Access I will still be critical about it but more forgiving. That’s all I want to say about combat for now. Part 4 will be coming very shortly along with the beginning of my “Let’s Play” on Twitch! Part 4 I will also be talking about 3 major things. 1.Character Development 2.Community 3.Early Access

This will be a reoccurring theme throughout this series. I will have three major talking points along with my typical rambling. I will be sure to ask SiG for a Q&A session along the way as well. We are a community and we need to be strong and close going forward. I want to share as much love as I can to this game along with telling you guys all about it. It’s going to be a ton of fun going forward and make sure you catch the “Let’s Play” to see in-game action!

Again, thank you for reading and your continued support. You catch the live action over at my Twitch channel and follow me on Twitter to know when I post a new blog @SirIsaacJewton

Most importantly make sure to check out “The Black Death” over at Steam’s Early Access page and their website. for all their dev blogs and updates!

Thank you for reading and I will see you again with Part 4 coming soon!


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