Survive The Plague… [P5]

I would like to start off this post with doing some general analysis of the game and how it’s faring. This will be more of a personal opinion than fact checking and all that jazz. If you disagree, well you have the right to do that. I’m just giving you fair warning that this is just my opinion. This general analysis will also have some general thoughts about how they could improve the game. After I end that discussion I will talk about the other things on my list. So please, take a seat, relax and enjoy the post!

Someone has recently told me that I have not been critical enough on the game and that I have been wearing rose tinted glasses way too much. Yes, I have been very positive about the game but there are certain aspects that I truly dislike. Just because I have yet to talk about them does not mean they aren’t there. I apologize if you feel that I am not being fair. So yes, there are certain things that I do dislike and since this was brought up, I will talk about them for “Fairness” sake. I want to bring this point to light as well, the reason I don’t bring this up as often as this is a work in progress. Most of things I am about to complain about so to speak are more than likely to change overtime or be fine tuned.

There are certain aspects of the plague system that I dislike, and there things I dislike about combat which I have spoken about before. I do believe as of right now there are too many servers and they need to be reduced for more player interaction. I wish it didn’t take so long after getting so many skill points to gain another skill points. If you see a pattern here, I will tell you what it is. These things probably will be changed either in Early Access or after it. It’s the same way in live games as well. Some things I dislike about ESO and then it got changed for the better. It’s really different actually reviewing and talking about an Early Access game. I have to take more things into consideration.

I could always review the game as if it would be in 1.0/launch phase, but that would be way to unfair correct? They aren’t asking a 60$ retail tag as well. I have to take these things into consideration before I slap any hard “I hate X and Y” I will say though, if they were asking 60$ for it, I would be a lot more critical. Since they are not, well here we are. I’ve gotten my 20$ worth, way more than I thought I would and because of that I am here writing a series for the game to show and tell you all how much this game is worth it and is becoming more and more worth it.

When you think I am not being harsh on the game think of these things before you slam me. I’m not angry about that criticism, on the contrary I am very happy people are telling me what is on their mind and I hope you all continue to do so. Anyways, let’s continue on with the analysis shall we? It’s been fun talking about that.

I definitely would like to see less servers and many combat improves to the game. The amount of servers really makes the population of the game seem way too thin. I would like to see servers for each region of players but not the amount we have now. I wonder if SiG have thought about this before and will implement it in the future? Who knows right? Only they do. We are only ten patches in Early Access I’m sure they have a lot of stuff planned for the future as well. I just wish I could see their drawing board.
I would also love to see more variety with crafting. Maybe we could build our own homes eventually instead of being forced to buy one? Yes, we have plenty of cheaper houses now but I think it would be fun to build our own and build stuff to stop the plague from getting in. You have built one of the more amazing atmospheres, now let us build upon it as well! Building anything in general would be fun and would add to the crafting in which I am totally in love with.

As I said, I really think reducing the number of servers would help this game’s community bond and play with each other more often, so players aren’t stretched thinly across servers. Now, that would be a huge issue for them as well as houses are bought and used, and items/characters. I don’t know the tech they use for their servers though. Plus, I am not smart enough to know the inner workings that would go on with merging everything. I won’t even pretend to know so I won’t sound stupid!

I would love to see more dialogue whether it’d be voice acted or text dialogue with NPCs. I’ll even write them for free for you SiG if you want! I’ll write story lines if you wish as well. That is something I would love to see eventually as well… Quests. Granted, this isn’t a traditional MMORPG it’s a multiplayer survival game but what I mean in quests could be events as well. Global or even local events going on. This zone is having more problems with the plague, potions are needed for a cure. Guards have rebelled against the city due to the plague, need assistance protecting the citizens, etc etc. I think something like that would be cool as hell in this game.

They could be on a smaller scale of larger scale for the events as well. Maybe I shouldn’t call it traditional quests, but something along the lines would be fun. They could give experience or awesome loot as well. Of course, there are a number of things like that, that could be added in the future but would be fun to see sooner rather than later for longevity sake. Which for some people, longevity could become an issue. It’s a very serious thing when it comes to Early Access games as well. Luckily, with the genre they are in right now (Survival) there are a lot of things you can add for longevity sake and I am sure the people over at SiG have thought about this as well.

For me as well, games that are in Early Access have longevity issues with me. I get bored rather quickly with them, because either they don’t add content regularly and fix the bug issues or the content they do add, I don’t find exciting and lackluster. The content that has been added to The Black Death have kept me going and have really enjoyed. We have had 10 great patches so far. Yes, I always fear longevity issues with games but I do have very high hopes for The Black Death and SiG’s ability to add meaningful content. Granted there is a lot of new content that I would like to see added, and what I mean by new is different types of things added to the game. A variety of new things to do would be wonderful.

I must say though, there is already a ton of things to do inside the game with all the classes and amount of crafting you can do in the game. Mastering them all will take a ton of time and mastering Merchant will take me forever it seems! I’ll enjoy every minute of it though, I assure you of this.

This also reinforces my point about wanting SiG to thrive in the Early Access phase, grow the game as much as you can, fix as much as you can before 1.0/Release. Don’t be like the countless other Early Access games that launch way to early and the backlash is way to much to recover from. You have the time and the dedicated player base with more and more players joining in every day.

The overall analysis of the game is well above excellent. I’ve always had fun playing and streaming and I have really, really enjoyed writing about this game. You have no idea, how happy I am to be this passionate about a game, I never thought it would be with a Early Access game as well. (No offense). I’ll be with this game from the beginning until launch and beyond and probably still writing about it. I mean honestly, I am already on part 5 and still have a ton to write about and not even bored. That is really saying something. Even with games I have played for years, I have gotten bored within the 2nd or 3rd post.

There isn’t a need to force myself to write more. It’s a really good feeling. I also think that making the blogs have three main focuses is a really good idea for me. Let’s talk about the plague and death for a little bit shall we? I think it’s time to switch focus.

Death is kind of weird in this game for me. I’ll explain why as well, so you guys aren’t confused and freaking out. The plague is a odd but fun thing. As soon as I get it, I sort of just want to stash all my items and just suicide. I don’t want it to be like that though. Maybe, because I haven’t found a cure or played Monk enough to get a cure. Maybe, all classes should be able to get/make a cure eventually? I think that would be more fair in a sense. Maybe I am thinking way out of the realm of my knowledge of the game so far. As it stands though, when I finally get the plague intentional or not, I sort of just want to commit suicide and start anew. Don’t get me wrong though, the plague system is one of my favorite things about this game. It’s unique and historical. If you haven’t looked up the actual black plague, it’s a fun read in a morbid sort of way… Don’t judge me, alright? I know you can buy potions from monks in churches but still…

It’s fun and there are lots of ways to improve the system. I actually really can’t think of anything off the top of my head though. I’m sure to make them known in future posts if I think of any cool ones. Down the line I probably will. Do you like or dislike the plague system? Let me know in the comments. I know it’s a polarizing feature, but man is it fun and scary. Contrary on what I said before, there is a rush/thrill when you get the plague. Roleplaying it out as been extremely fun in the chat. I’ve never laughed so hard when I roleplayed a dying man. Sadly, it was off stream because that would have been one hell of a highlight!

Before we wrap things up for this post, I would like to touch on crafting real quick. I know I have talked about this a lot, but life goes on, please don’t hurt me. I think I just want to touch on what I would like to see down the road since this post is longer than usual, and I know you all eye’s are bleeding from all this text. I stated before I would love to see the ability to craft our own buildings, our own cities even. Build our little protection from the plague. I think that would be really cool to eventually see. I would love to create my own little town, or build upon the farmland already in the game. What would sound cool to you guys in the sense of crafting? Let me know in the comments. You guys know I have a ton of love for the crafting in this game and it will be a focal point for many many more posts to come. Just be prepared for that, so you all don’t hate me for all the crafting talk. Listen man, I just like how simple and elegant it is, alright? Sheesh!

There was a major patch released while in the making of this post. 1.2 Gigabytes! I’m excited to touch on this in part six, because I won’t have enough time in this post and I don’t want to delay this one. I will be going on the new patch and a variety of other things in the next post. Sorry, I want enough time to play the new patch and get everything adjusted because there was a wipe! Luckily, I kept all my skill points on my Merchant. Thank goodness for that! I will be streaming some more this week as well. School work has been massive these past couple of weeks so I have to be focusing on that a little more than I would like to be…

Again, thank you all for the continued support of this series, it has been amazing and humbling as well. I cannot thank you enough for the support. I want to give a special shoutout to SiG for supporting this series as well and for creating the amazing game we are playing now. Please, if you haven’t checked out the game yet, I suggest you do so over at Steam Early Access or at their website You can tweet at me @SirIsaacJewton and watch the Let’s play over at my Twitch Part 6 will be coming shortly after this one goes live. I will be discussing the new patch and I will keep the 3 core subjects a surprise! Yes, I am mean at times. Thank you again! Remember… Survival is Key…


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