Survive The Plague… [P6]

Greetings! Part six is here! This blog post I will be focusing on analyzing patch 0.11. It’s a good one, so sit back, grab some popcorn and let’s digest the almighty patch notes. You can find all the patch note goodness over at Let’s begin…
This patch was entitled “Providence”

“Animal Husbandry” Domestic Animals can now be tamed. Super exciting. I have yet to try this but I will definitely be doing this in the future. I want a cow to survive and live with… I will name her Betsy and she will love me till she does. Don’t judge me for loving a cow… I think this could be something that could be immensely popular when they add additional critters to tame. Maybe, eventually you can tame a bandit! Huntsman can finally get their pet as well. Be a true huntsman!

The Peasant skill tree was also updated to support this with new skills that have to do with animal feed. This will allow them to tame the animal they have in mind and get benefits for taming them, depending on what they choose to tame. Personally, I would choose a cow but I am biased here. Again, this is going to be really cool to try and hopefully this will be implemented more and more into the game as it grows and they will add additional tamable animals. I could see this being a lot of fun and not so boring if they continue to add new stuff to help this.

“Digging” We can now dig and you can either craft them being a Merchant or Blacksmith. You can also purchase them from the tool trader NPC. These spots are randomly spawned and will give loot. I actually love this idea a lot. If they do spawn a lot, and I hope they do. This would give us more incentive to explore the beautiful world and go beyond city walls. I really, really like this. I will just have to see what kind of loot you will get from them since it is random.

“NPC Interactions” Two words. So Amazing. I played when they patch first went live and the world just felt so alive with all these cool little interactions. Yeah, for right now they just say simple things or do simple things. It adds life to the game for sure. I have also noticed that the guards a little more hostile than normal… I don’t know if that was a bug because my weapon was sheathed, but they almost killed me. There is a little video on their official website to demonstrate how it works. I recommend checking it out in-game though. Such a sweet little addition to the game. Well, it’s not really little… Voice work and new animations. Cheers to you SiG!

“New Items and Merchants” The new Merchants are as follows: Seeds Merchant, Baker, Farmer, Military Merchant, Templar Import Merchant, Food Merchant and Tools Trader. 7 New Merchants! I like this and it’s also more people to sell too. I have yet to really go into detail on what each one of them sells. I can imagine they sell a lot and will help with crafting and getting the goods you need to enhance your character even more. I am happy they implemented the seeds merchant though. It helps you add more to your farm without going into dangerous territory. The new weapons and armors they have for sale is wonderful and even though I wish it would have come sooner it’s better than later. Armor has always been somewhat difficult to obtain and this makes it much much easier to obtain and survive if you are going bandit and wolf hunting.

Along with that change there are more craftable things. Foods, weapons, armors, etc etc. One in particular that I am wanting so bad is the new plague mask. I have always liked the look of the plague masks in multiple games and if it helps me survive the actual plague, I will take two please. Make that two hundred. I will also want to be making a lot of claymore swords. I want a huge sword and I hope that will do me just fine. I like big swords alright… Don’t judge me. I’m sick of using my little knife! It’s puny and bandits just laugh at me when I try to attack them, alright? Get off my back, sheesh!

New materials and such have been added to the world to accommodate the new crafting things so it will be easier to craft all of these without having to put up a pretty penny for them. So far this patch has been really good on paper we will see how it does when I actually play the game, which I already have a little bit, and in part 7 I will be going to analyze the patch again when I have had enough play time. Right now, this is just an analysis of what has been added.

“New Skills and Craftables!” Hooray! More progression! Peasants, Militia, and Monks got the best of them I think. I mean, crafting a freaking plague mask! I neeeeed this, did I tell you guys and gals I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this item? If I haven’t well, I have now okay? Gimme gimme. Bee hives can be harvested for honey. All of these little ones that I am missing can be found at their website. There are some stuff that I am not going over because it’s more useful for you to in-game or read it online. Sorry!

“Dunstead Open For Business”
The grand re-opening of Dunstead is here! New Marketplace, new houses, farms, roaming animals! A new zone opening is huge. JC has been working hard on this according to the website. [SiG] JC That is! I find it funny that this zone has a huge tree in it with hanging bodies. It’s just these types of touches that I love about SiG and the world that they have created with The Black Death. I cannot wait to travel there and see all the new and shiny stuff. Along with this the patch notes also talk about the forests of Queen’s Province.

Bandits, animals, and other things are coming with this new landscape! I’ve been talking about this since the beginning of this series that they really need to just keep adding to the world they have created. We have Dunstead re-opening, and now we have a new forest. So many new things to explore. I have been through this since the patch has gone live and I’ve encountered more bandits and wildlife. Lots of new things to collect for crafting which this patch added a lot of! All of these changes overall have been very well received for myself and others inside the game. For the record, I have gotten lost within these woods as well…

What is really nice to see is positive reactions to these patches. People don’t just harp on the bugs in the game, they focus on the positives to which the patches add. It’s heartwarming to see this as well. What is more important to me that it’s how the game is perceived to newcomers. Recently it was announced that this game had a 80% Positive rating on the Steam store! That is amazing, especially for a Early Access game. These types of patches and the transparency that SiG has is a HUGE part of this. Congratulations for them on this! Well earned and well deserved!

There also was a lot of bug fixes with audio, AI and other fixed issues. One of them is a sort of damage indicator! Hooray! I’ve been wanting this for soooo long! “AI will now get covered in blood when near death” Sweet justice of Mercia it’s here. Along with that, AI will now talk to you when near them. Beggars will beg. They will say some sort of Hello when talking to them. Pickups now have audio. Camera system is now smoother. Please be sure to check out for all the patch note goodness and Stories of Mercia! Written by players! It’s wonderful all the additions and fixes this patch brought! These are the types of patches that hype me up, granted every patch they have released has hyped me.

This patch was a whopping 1.2GB! Tons of goodness and more to come with future patches as well! I would love to see SiGs release schedule for future patches though. Additions like this like I said make me extremely hyped to continue playing and continue to write about the game. I’m shocked and happy that we are already on Part 6! That is insane for me atleast. I sincerely hope they continue to release patches of this caliber. I think with every new patch I will be doing this. Analyzing the major point so the patch and how I think it will impact the game going forward.

I can’t wait to tame a cow and name her Betsy though. That’s going to be fun. I really want to thank SiG for this amazing patch. It’s going to be giving more stuff to do, that I actually want to do. Which is actually uncommon these days, sadly. Again, be sure to check out the official website for all the patch note goodness!

If you haven’t checked out the game yet, please do so by going to their official website, Steam’s Early Access page and over at Green Man Gaming as well! Part 7 will be coming next week with some analysis on: Classes, The World and Combat V2. That all will be coming soon along with more Let’s Play on the Twitch Channel. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @SirIsaacJewton for blog updates. for the let’s play. Also follow The Black Death over on Twitter @Blackdeath_Game

Thank you for the continued support for this series. It means the absolute world to me. Cheers and remember… Survival is Key….


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