Survive The Plague… [P7]

This post will be a little bit longer than the usual. Be prepared for more awesomeness and walls of text. You’ve been warned! So, I died… I didn’t die to the plague and I didn’t die to bandits/wolves. I died to a hilarious bug. Due to the hilarity of the bug I was not mad about what I lost and I lost a lot. I was on some mountains near Queens Province and I for some reason I dropped a few feet and was launched into oblivion and died. I had a couple of people try and help me find my body but nothing was found… I was literally launched into oblivion. Trust me, it was a way better death than anything the actual game can provide. I went about my business and started my scratch again. Same class though, still playing Merchant. I have maxed 3 lines of skills, which I am very proud of doing so far.

One of the things I want to touch on before I go into the three topics is this:

The sheer amount of new players joining the game has been amazing. I’ve met around ten brand new players and all of them have been extremely happy about how helpful the community has been. I actually cured someone’s headache, well, I bought them the cure… I still helped the man! I take full credit, you are welcome. It’s been a joy meeting all the new players though and hope I continue to do so. I literally have failed to mention so far which server I mainly play on. Chicago-01. That is the server you will find me on, but I won’t tell you my character name. (Watch the VoDs for that)

I also have had a bunch of time to play the new patch. 0.11 Providence. Last time I told you what I thought about all the changes, now since I have had enough time with it all, I will now talk about it some more. Overall in-game this patch has been amazing. I have yet to obtain a plague mask but have seen multiple ones so far. I will say they look amazing. I still have yet to find a place to be able to dig… I don’t know why, but I’ve been practically everywhere including the new Dunstead and could not find one place to dig. Am I doing it wrong? Probably. I mean, it’s me we are talking about here. I have not touched animal taming, but my buddy who plays with me has. He says it is a little buggy but a neat, fun feature.

I have seen some performances increases as well. Animations are not as laggy as they once were. Still laggy, but better. Combat for me hasn’t changed, there is still a lot of lag involved with animations and hit detection. Although, the new damage indicator has been very helpful. The more bloody they are, the more damage they have taken. It is has been something that has been very helpful to me. It helps me see if I can win a fight with the HP I have left. Thank you SiG for that change, seriously.

The new NPC interactions have been a great addition as well. Annoying at times, if you are near a lot of merchants, but just lower your volume for that. It makes the world feel much more alive though. Which is what I have been wanting for a long time. I think they could be improved and they could say more things but that is being nitpicky. It adds an additional layer of reality to the game. It’s kind of funny when you are trading to one vendor and 3-4 other vendors are saying trade/talk to me. Petty traders, they are just jealous of the bakers and the monks. I’m telling you, that’s the truth.

The new Dunstead is really, really pretty and well thought out, you can tell a lot of work and thought went into this. It’s still not a area I would hang around like Queen’s Province but I will be traveling there more and more as time goes on. I’m a little bias to Queens because of the house I now own there. I was able to finally save up 3,000 gold and purchased a house near the farms. I initially bought a house closer to town, but it bugged and would not allow me to enter… I was a little salty, but sold it for 1,000 and the anger sort of just sizzled after that.

There a lot of things I could be really angry about with the bugs I have come acrossed, but as I tell everyone who gets salty/mad that this is Early Access and yes they are annoying, but it’s fine. We should all just report the bugs that we come across and hope they are fixed with patches or hotfixes. Just like my death or the bugged house, annoying but it happens. If this game was in full release, then I would be mad/upset. I cannot stress this enough to new and current players.

Just like Dunstead, I would love to see additional locations be added to the game. Whether it would be a new forest, new town, caves, etc. I love exploring this beautiful game, and even when I been places multiple times I keep seeing new things. Exploring is always on my top todo list in this game. Gimme a loot cave though, I would definitely prefer that, with minimum plague. I don’t want to get sick, find the loot and then die to that sickness. I mean, come on now.

Another thing that I like about what they are doing with these patches is adding substance to the game. Many EA games just add patches for fixes and smaller things and every once in awhile they add something of substance to the game. Every patch that they have released so far, which is at eleven now has added some level of substance to the game. They have continued to do that so far and I honestly hope that continues. Of course we will have the occasional hotfixes and things of that nature but every patch so far has impressed me.

I would like to touch on some stuff I would like to see changed in the near future though. I think experience needs to be tweaked a little bit in favour of better experience gain when you have skill points saved up. When I get around 3-4 skill points, experience gain seems just to drag on and on. I would like to see that tweaked. I also feel strongly that they need to address the combat issues the game has currently.

I hate to drag on and on about this. I feel they need to make some animation smoothing for combat and better hit detection. I can be swinging my sword directly at them and they will be taking nothing and I will be taking all the damage. It’s really annoying when you are trying to find a group of bandits and you are just getting wailed on and you know you are aiming correctly. I’m sure this is on their to do list, but with these issues going on combat does not seem worth it. Along with chasing animals in the woods it’s extremely hard with desync issues.

I am not the only one complaining about combat issues as well. I got that out of my system for now, but I sincerely hope they take a look at combat and address the issues going on with the system currently in place. Granted, it does feel good when you finally kill the bandit or wolf but when you have to run away multiple times because of hit detection… Yeah…

Let’s continue to talk about what I would like to see eventually put into the game. Events and I have talked about this before, but world events or location events would be a sweet thing. I would like to see things unite the players on the server. There are multiple things I could think of for events or quests you could call them. Whatever you would like to call them, they needed to be added. I know it sort of goes against the whole survival aspect but I mean… server wide events would be baller. Why? Because I said so basically. It would also depend if they do actually do this in the future, how would they implement it? I mean, i’m going off high hopes here but something like this would be fun.

I don’t want to totally break away from the survival aspect of the game. Maybe the whole event thing would ruin it? Would griefers and pvpers ruin it? Thinking about it now, it could totally be taken advantage of. Having everyone meet together for one person to kill them all? Phew, I know that would make me salty and tilted. How could we add to the survival aspect of the game. Let’s ponder on this for a little bit. We could take inspiration from other survival games out there, but let’s not do that. We have the unique idea of the plague, and I have already talked adding to that aspect.

They could add additional types of plagues and evolve it from there. Add more bandits in more areas, making it more scarier to venture out in the wilderness. I would like a lot more fear than anything, but with that fear could be more reward, you know? What would you like to see added in the survival aspect of the game? I’m kind of blanking on what else could be added, so help me out please!

I mean, we could go on and on about what we would like to be added to the game and we will be going over a ton of that in the coming future of this series. Trust me. Before I end this awesome post, I wish to talk about community and the importance of it. Shall we? Let’s begin.

On the Steam forums for The Black Death, they are coming up with the “Champion’s Council” which I think it’s a fantastic idea. If you want all the details the link is right here: Check out all the juicy details there!

This really shows how important community is to the developers and how what the community wants for the game and feel what should be added next actually matters to the game. We rarely see this nowadays and even when we do, it doesn’t actually do much. They say they listen, and then don’t. Now, we still have to see this idea put to use. I have hopes that this will work out for them, and will benefit everyone involved. (I wouldn’t say no, to joining *hint hint*). I would love to see this work out and really make the community/developer relationship grow. This at least shows that they care about the community and it’s input.

I am keeping a very close eye on how this goes down. I actually keep checking the forums/thread for an update on the situation. Maybe soon? Please? Past readers will know how much community means to me. I won’t play games with a terrible minded community. We all know this. I’m very grateful for the community the game has now, we are a close bunch and we all want this game to thrive and succeed. In a sense we are very like minded here. Eek, I have really went off topic of reviewing the patch since I have had time to play it… I’ll continue that in part 8. I guess, I really just went off basis this time but it happens, that’s me for you… I’ll catch it all up in part 8, I promise. I will end it here for now, I think I have babbled on enough for you all. Thank you again for the continued support! You catch get The Black Death over on Steam’s Early Access, or visit their website at and make sure to follow them on Twitter @Blackdeath_Game follow me as well @SirIsaacJewton and you catch my Let’s play series over at



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