Survive The Plague… [P8]

Alright alright, I know I got really off track in the last post and I want to apologize for that. There will be more focus in the post I assure you. Of course, as always there are three major points I want to talk about. In the last post I talked a lot about combat, so that has been taken care of. We also talked about the world and things of that nature, so we can also check that off our list. What I will be first talking about is what I would like to see implemented into the game. We also talked about that a little bit in the last post. I want to expand on that a lot more in this post as well. I’ve had some more time to think about additions I would like to see, so here we go!

I touched on this a little bit in the past, but I would like to the ability to create our own houses and other types of buildings. This is a little strange to talk about after thinking about it for a little while. They would have to create a lot more land for us to be able to do that, because knowing me and some others players we would have large expansions of land we want for ourselves. More land means more exploring so it would for sure be a win-win situation. Even if we couldn’t make our own houses, I would like to create some sort of building. Maybe my own little market place for being a Merchant? That would also add a lot to the roleplaying factor I love.

I think creating more than we can right now would benefit a lot. Because of how combat works right now, I tend not to do that a lot and focus more of making things and exploring. If combat was better than how it is now, I would be doing that a lot more. Again, I hate to be like that with combat, but it’s something that doesn’t peak my interest as it is now. This will never be a deal breaker for me though. Not even close. It’s not as horrendous as other games, trust me on that. I’m like 98% sure that combat will be changed/fixed in the future. I am just hoping it will be sooner rather than later. You could ask yourself “Well, since you like crafting exploring so much, don’t worry about combat” Granted, I could be like that but I want to enjoy combat if it’s in the game, you know?

Another thing that I would like to see in the game is more variety and balancing gold. Indeed, they did add cheaper houses which was a really needed addition but I feel like the amount of gold we can get in the game is too low. The amount of time to find and craft the things that give me the most amount of gold doesn’t always seem worth it. There are many ways to remedy this. They could make the amount things sell higher, or gold easier to find/loot. I was finally glad when I saved up enough money to get a house, so it was well worth it, but in retrospect I kind of wish that gold was easier to obtain. In a world “roleplay” sense this makes sense how it’s hard to make/earn gold because of the plague and things of that nature. I still think some tweaking needs to be done though. This would also go with experience gain as well.

The reason I bring this up again is because I still feel that it’s way too low when saving up skill points. This isn’t something that is like “I WANT IT FIXED NOW”. Balancing takes time and lots of number crunching. Something that I am not envious about. I am just making note of this because this is something I really feel that they should look at. I feel like I am being extremely nitpicky about all of this but it’s what is on my mind. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful and whiny, I am just being honest with SiG and myself. Constructive feedback am I right?

“Providence” added a lot of things that can be further improved on. Animal taming, digging, and additional crafts. Add additional animals to the game that can be tamed, and more digging spots since I haven’t found anything… When I mentioned variety what I meant by that is what the vendors sell in terms of weapons and armours. They tend to sell the same things. In Queen’s Providence you will rarely see a sword, you usually just see a dirk and a helmet. A little more variety in that department would be stellar. You wouldn’t even need to increase the amount of vendors there are then, just add more to what they already sell. Something to think about.

No matter how you look at all of this though, there is no denying how bright of a future this game has. I will do anything and everything I can to help that. Hence all my involvement so far. I’ll have something special to announce that I will be doing in a future post. I don’t want to spoil anything just yet, I want to make sure everything is in place first. Let’s get back on subject shall we?

I don’t think we need new classes yet. I think the amount and variety we have now it’s pretty good. I’m not saying I am opposed to new classes being released, but I feel like other things should be focused on before they release a new class. Tinkering with the classes we have now is probably the best bet, at least to me, but who I am right? Who am I? I haven’t really thought about what classes I would like to see added next, maybe I’ll cover that in the future. Seems like a good thing to eventually talk about.

There were some people that asked me why I haven’t talked about post-launch wants. That is something that I will talk about way further down the line, but I really want to focus on the early access phase and not worry about post-launch phase. Let’s not worry about that shall we? All you need to know about this is that this game will see launch and then we will talk about it then. Let’s do all the improvements we can during this phase because that is why it’s here.

I want to put things into perspective on how much I enjoy and believe in this game. My Steam Library consists of so many games and a ton of survival games within that. There are survival games in that list that have a bigger player base, more things to do, etc etc. Those games don’t make me feel the way I do about this game when playing it and seeing the true potential it has. I play this game a ton more than them and enjoy it a ton more as well.

I think there needs to be a lot done with enemy aggro as well. There have been times where I have been chased to the ends of the earth by a bandit or a wolf. Sometimes I end up getting lost because of how much I have ran. There is also some desync and animation issues when you are trying to run away. There will be one spot one second and then right in front of you the next second. It’s actually more scary than anything. I was actually scared on Stream because of that!

It’s not a big deal as maybe I am making out to be, this is more of animation thing I guess?

The majority of the things I am talking about here are things that usually are handled in Early Access phase. They have plenty of time to remedy all of these issues. They should be careful as they go along and make sure they don’t add worse bugs while adding new content. Granted, that will happen with any game, but don’t plague the game with more bugs… See what I did there…? Heh. I am very happy with all the content they have added so far, but I’m wondering if their plan is to just add all this core content and fix the bugs later? Do you all feel like that is a good plan or should they fix the bugs before releasing more core content? I don’t know where I stand on this issue yet. I love new content but I also want the bugs squashed. I’ll get back to you where I stand on that later. Let’s continue on shall we?

I feel like even though this is a survival game there needs to a sort of safe zone. There have been some players who had the kill on sight mentality. Before you call me a carebear and a cry baby because he killed me, hear me out at least. These people are just going against new players who have probably just purchased this game and killing them inside the town, before the guards could do anything. Yes, it’s a survival game but I think at least for now their needs to be some sort of safe zone.

There is a huge difference between going for someone that is armed and potentially ready and going against brand new players who haven’t grasped anything yet. Do you agree or disagree with me on this? Please, let me know. I am always open to different opinions!

Do you all have a wish list? What do you do want to see implemented in the future or changed? Tell me in the comments below or over at The Black Death Steam forums and let the developers know as well! Your opinion matters to them, I promise you that much.

Thank you for your continued support of this series! Part 9 will be up in a couple of days! Once again, thank you! If you would like to check out The Black Death, please visit Steam’s Early Access or at their official website for all the news and devblogs! You can follow The Black Death and myself on twitter @Blackdeath_Game and @SirIsaacJewton and follow me on Twitch for the Let’s Play series for all the roleplay hilarity! Thank you once more! Remember, survival is key…


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