Survive The Plague… [P10]

It’s time to return to our normal series since we got all the announcements and awesomeness out of the way in the last post. There has been some changes to the game since then as well! Some of the servers have been condensed and there will be an engine upgrade soon as well. Be sure to check out all the official news on the website!

There are a couple of things I want to talk about for this post. I’ve been thinking to myself recently how what could be added to the game and what should be improved that is currently in the game. We know we have a couple of major ones that need to be worked out. Combat is one that has been talked about a lot and was even featured on their weekly Q&A. It’s obviously a feature that has been brought up a lot and is sore to a lot of users including myself. Besides combat, what should we really talk about?

There are the various housing issues that need to be addressed and fixed. My problems with housing besides the bugs are the pricing models they have in place currently. In the game you will mostly see houses go for 3,000 to 6,600 gold. I know some people that have the tips and tricks to make a ton of gold in a very short amount of time. I am not one of those people and my gold earning rate isn’t that high. When I finally did buy a house it was bugged and I was locked out and eventually had to sell it. I feel that housing prices needed to be changed and lowered in value. There are some pros and cons to all of this.

When it comes to housing I feel like I am very nitpicky. Housing is a cool feature to have in any game but as it stands now with what we can currently do within a house and how much they cost is really not worth it. You can be the cool person who owns a house and has tables and chairs but that’s about it. We cannot add any “life” into our houses. Is this something that they should add into the feature? I think so. I’ve brought up a ton about what I would like to see with housing and building our own things, which many people in-game have expressed some liking to that as well.

Obviously, a housing revamp would take a lot of time and effort. I don’t think it should all be done in one major update. I think it should be a gradual thing. There are more important things to fix and add before housing at least in my opinion. I really think this should be on their radar though. I’ve never really used housing features in any game unless I truly had to and we all know how much I love the atmosphere in the game and owning a house would only add more to that. You have to give us a really good reason besides stashing our belongings to use that much gold to own one. Again, I am being nitpicky about the prices and I have been since the game opened it’s doors.

A lot of people in-game have been talking about substance and the lack of content inside the game right now. This is where a lot of people preach about it being in early access and so forth. I want to tackle this debate head on even though we are in early access. I agree there is a degree of lack of content inside the game but there is also a lot to do in the game as it stands now. Yeah, that sounded really confusing writing it and saying it out loud as well. I’ve spent countless hours farming, saving up skill points, hunting down bandits and trying to survive. I pretty much tell every new player I run into that you should make this game an adventure and see beyond the content that is currently in the game. We do a lot of roleplaying but even with all the hours I have played I yet to master all the classes and know where everything is in the game. I always tell players as well that the game is still under development and when content patches arrive it isn’t just bug fixes and such, they add substance. They add things for new and older players to toy with. I have stressed this constantly that they need to keep this up and add more and more things to the world of Mercia.

There is a fine line with early access players. I don’t want to say it’s a 50/50 split but it sometimes seems like that. Some people would rather have bugs fixed and then add new content and then there are players who would like to see content constantly added and then bug fixes. I stand sort of in the middle. I’m okay with them adding new content but as long as they continue to fix game breaking bugs I am okay with it. This speaks for more than just The Black Death as well. I’m talking about this as a whole. We saw in Patch 0.11 how much they added to the game and how much fun the content that was added was. I still haven’t found a gosh darn digging spot. I think I am cursed when it comes to digging.

I’m not saying every patch needs to be as big as the previous one. It just needs to be meaningful. What do I mean by meaningful? How can a patch be meaningful? It just needs to add something of value. A lot of games come out with these useless patches that just add more problems than anything else. Now, I know SiG cannot predict if a patch will create a problem or what not but I feel as if they need to keep that a top priority when releasing new content, make sure it doesn’t break more than it fixes. Yah know?

I mentioned in the beginning there was some server changes. I think this needs to be done further. We have a small population as it is and it is growing though and I have mentioned some of this before. In my opinion they need to condense some more servers down and up the maximum player limit per server. This will do a couple of things that will benefit the community. We will have fewer servers to space the players out and then more player interaction since they would have less servers but more capacity.

This also brings up the problem of owning houses and transferring everything to fewer servers. This may not be the best solution I can come up with or anyone can come up with but I feel that this needs to be looked at and addressed so we can have more player interaction and much less player spread. Do you think something like this needs to be addressed? I don’t care if it’s yes or no, tell me why you think it should or shouldn’t be. I would like to note that I feel this should be done post early access. This doesn’t need to be dealt with ASAP.

Speaking of players, I feel like the community and player/developer interaction is extremely important to SiG. They have been extremely active on many different platforms. This defiantly needs to be something they keep focusing on and make sure they do every step of the way.
We are all eagerly awaiting the details of the “Champions Council” and who will be including in ranks.

They have done a lot of Q&As and do a lot of things to keep us in the loop. I’ve been very impressed with what they do to keep us in that loop. It’s not something you see every day in the gaming world. This degree of transparency really needs to stay the course in my opinion.
I really recommend going to the official Discord channel. They are very active there and it is a very chill setting where we just all get along. I’m always there as well lingering around, lurking to see what is up.

Lastly, let us touch on quality of life improvements. There a lot of things that small little touch ups could go a long way. Crafting is one that I feel like could use some quality of life improvements. Different ways to insert crafting materials besides clicking and dragging. (Double click, please!?)

Crafting time speed and gathering animations. I’m not saying redo all the animations for gathering just smooth them out and not have so much delay from the animation and the item going into your actual inventory. I do believe combat and animations are one of their top priorities which I am very happy about.

There are plenty of others I could list right now but I would like to save some for future posts, so I don’t overload you all with complaints. I don’t want to make your eyes bleed, you know? There are lot of things that can be touched up but I do believe they will be before early access ends. I’m sure they have a timeline they want to get through and things that are on their top of the lists, i.e Combat/Animations.

Are there any QoL improvements you all would like to see in the near future? Tell me in the comments! I would like to see multiple opinions on this subject.

There are a lot of things I mentioned in this post that tend to be nitpicky, I am not trying to be that type of person. I am just laying out what I think needs to be done/worked on. Trust me, I am not intentionally trying to be nitpicky. I’m very curious on what is coming in patch 0.12. Patch preview please SiG? That would be wonderful.
I’ve been asked by multiple times if I would be doing anything special for the #10 in this series. I do not have something planned for this post, but the next post there will be a copy of the game given away. There will also be some cool stuff coming in the near future which I talked about in the previous post. There are a lot of goodies coming down the road from us, I promise you!
As for the game giveaway. Post #11 will be up starting the new year and details of the giveaway will be done on here and via Twitter/Discord. I have no details right now on what I am going to be doing to enter the giveaway but as soon I find out, I will post details on Twitter and Discord.

If you all have an idea for me, please share I could use all the help I can get with this. Honestly, anything at all would be nice. Again, a lot more content will be coming! Thank you again for the continued support for this series and I will catch you again in #11!

For official news for the game, please check out the website at Be sure to check the game out on Steam’s Early Access!
Be sure to follow me on Twitter @SirIsaacJewton and TBD @Blackdeath_Game Thanks again!


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