The Doctor Of Mercia [P3] [Chapter 3]

Chapter Three

Sticks And Stones

The kingdom was purged of everything that had to do with the plague. They even killed and burned everyone who was placed in the special plague building. They believed they had cleaned themselves of the plague and it was just a matter of time till this was all over. Sadly, this wasn’t over, this was far from over. A couple of weeks passed by and everything seemed fine. No one was getting sick and no one had died from an illness. My father thought he was going home, going back to Mom and I. After thirty-two days of being plague free, it struck again. It wasn’t a mere commoner. It was the Queen. Queen Elizabeth was becoming ill, and it was swift.

My father was packing his stuff to go home when the news broke. It seemed like time froze for him. He thought all was fine, all was dandy. He wrote to my mother when the news broke. “My love, I thought I was coming home. Elizabeth, the Queen has fallen ill, and we fear it to the plague. I won’t be coming home… I don’t know when I will be seeing you next. Just know that I love you, and I love our child. I will see you soon. I miss you.”

When my Mother got the letter, her heart broke more than it already was. She missed my father, she was tired of being alone. Yes, she had me but I was just a child. I knew nothing of what was going on. I couldn’t even speak at this point in time. My mother grew weak. She kept all the letters sent to her in a box. I’ve gone over them dozens of times… I believe as time went by, my mother’s heart just couldn’t bare the burden of her husband being gone for so long. She feared loneliness more than anything.

The Queen was taken to her room and my father joined her side and asked her some basic questions about how she was feeling. After questioning my father assumed the worst and told the King the bad news. “My lord, I don’t know how but I fear this is the beginning of the plague. Her fever is high and her skin looks pale, more pale than anything I have ever seen. I want her to drink clean water and fresh food every three hours. She must rest and not move a muscle.”
The King looked upon his wife and replied: “You will find a cure or so help you God, I will end you myself. I won’t let my wife die because you can’t solve this. You and Jackson better come up with something!”

“With all due respect my liege, we advise you to leave your wife’s side. She could be highly contagious and very well infect you. We will tend to her needs and try our best to find a cure.” Jackson said while looking at Queen Elizabeth. “I will not leave her side, if I get sick so be it, that will be my fate. Now go, find me a cure” The king roared.

The stakes were higher this time. It was kept a secret from the public that the Queen had fallen ill. If it were to slip through someone’s tongue there would be mass panic. That is the last thing they needed at this moment in time. Jackson and my Father tried many different things over the next couple of weeks. After while, Jackson went to prayer and my father kept doing scientific research. At last, my father found something that could work. The Kingdom did well while being “clean”. My father thought, what if we could purify the body from the inside out. He began to get all the clean water he could and started to mix a bunch of ingredients with it. Garlic, honey, sugar. You name it, he mixed it with the cleanest water he could find. At first, he tried it clean water and honey. It tasted terrible but it was worth a shot. My father’s faith in finding a cure grew about a percent. He did not know what to expect. No one knew what to expect. Everyone involved was becoming desperate.

It was terrible that Elizabeth had to be the test subject for all of this. No one expected this at all. Everyone believed that royalty was blessed by God himself. Throughout history, at least to my knowledge no one of royalty had died of being ill. Just old age. This plague has been ravaging the world around us for about a year now, maybe it was just time for someone higher up to be ravaged by it? The plague was maybe trying to prove a point, that no one is safe. Anyone can get this at any time.

I know everyone who is reading this, wants to know if Elizabeth lives or not. I will eventually get to that. I would like to read something from my dad’s journal before we move on with that part.

“Day 157. I have made several different remedies for this plague. We are about to test them on her. She will taken this medicine four times a day, for two weeks. I have no idea what to expect and honestly I don’t think we can find a cure for this. I feel that plague will ravage us until it decides to leave on it’s own terms. The death count is the hundred thousands and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. No one has found a cure. Sanitization doesn’t work, let’s just hope this works. They are crude and they are odd but it’s something rather than nothing. God, help me. I just want to return to my wife and child. God, save us all…”

I don’t know if my Dad finally ended up believing in God but it seemed to me that he was willing to believe in anything. These crude medication had been given to the Queen and they were given to her one at a time to see the effect of them. If they gave them to her all at the same time and it worked, they would not know what cured her and what didn’t. At first, it was water and honey. It slowed down her cough and her fever was reduced but her skin still peeled and swollen. They tried water and garlic. That stopped the coughing completely, but did not reduce the fever and her skin was getting worse. She lost a ton of weight and seemed to be on death’s door.

As my father went for science, Jackson went for prayer and asked for a revelation from God, to help them cure the world now. This plague had spread to regions beyond our Kingdom. Province, Bywick, Chiltern, even Dunstead was being affected now. The power of this plague was now being shown in full force. Monks in various towns were giving up on God for forsaking them and allowing this plague to exist. I still don’t know if this was God’s doing or just Mother Nature showing her force.

No one knew where the plague originated. No one knew who brought it or what brought it. The bodies were becoming too much to burn and we reverted back to having houses just full of dead bodies until they could burn them. Plants and crops were now being affected, food was becoming rotten and plague ridden as well. This plague had evolved and it wasn’t killing everything in it’s path. Animals were becoming sick and dying.

The buboes on Elizabeth were getting worse and even oozing out a green/yellow material. This hadn’t happened before and intrigued my father. When this happened, Elizabeth had been sick for at least a month and a half. She had a will to live and her husband believed that was keeping her alive. All victims had buboes on them, but none of them had oozed like hers. God, how horrible would have it been to have that happen.

Again, time was of the essence. A blessing was about to be delivered to the Kingdom of Mercia. Another supposed cure was brought to light by the French. It was called “Vinaigre des quatre voleurs”


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