The Doctor Of Mercia [P4] [Chapter 4]

Chapter 4

I, The Reaper

Another proclaimed cure had arrived, by the French. We did not know that the plague stretched that far. This was by far the biggest news since what happened to the Queen. A concoction was sent to us by sea. It was called “Vinaigre des quatre voleurs”. It was new to everyone that it was shipped to. When it arrived the King commanded my father and Jackson to use it on his wife as soon as possible. Not to defy the King, even though the questioned what was in this “cure”. The French had never been friendly. For all we know, this could be poison, but the King was willing to do anything to cure his beloved.

It was a large bottle, filled with what looked like colored water. No one dared to test it before giving it to Elizabeth. There was no directions, no nothing. They did not know how much to give her, they knew nothing sadly. They decided to fill a glass full of Vinaigre and had her drink the whole thing. Elizabeth did what she was told and said “God, this is more vile than anything I could ever imagine. God, help me”. Now it was just a waiting game, was she going to die from the plague or did they give her a quicker death sentence by making her drink this? All they could do is pray and wait.

“Day 200. The French gave us something called Vinaigre. They said it would cure the plague. They did not give a time. We do not know how long we should wait and we do not know where this came from exactly. All we know as of right now, that is of French making. The King has been waiting for results along with us. I do hope that this will be the cure, but if it is, how do I reproduce it? We saved a little to see what we could make of it, but even I don’t know what to do. We shall see soon enough I hope. May God be with us all….”


Maybe Jackson’s faith had finally influenced my Father. As time progressed he seemed to mention prayer and God a lot more than he ever did before. I don’t know what he believed in the end though. It was all just a waiting game really. About two weeks went by and the Queen showed signs of getting better. Her fever was vastly reduced, along with the body pains and headaches that she was having. The buboes were not going down, but they were not oozing either. Was this the answer to the plague? Had someone or something finally figured it out?

My father began to question everything about what was given to Elizabeth. How did the French figure this out? How could he have not after two hundred days of doing this? My question out of all of this myself is: How did my father not get the plague after two hundred days? It’s still a mystery till this day.

The King sent a councilmen to France to see what he could find of this and report back as soon as possible. I don’t know if it was truly worth it, because the trip would take weeks and survival was not guaranteed due to the raging storms at times.

He was sent nonetheless and Jackson and my Dad were researching all of what they could on what they had left. They knew it had water in it, but what else? “I tried everything in the book!” My father proclaimed loudly to Jackson. “Yeah, I know, but maybe they are just smarter or have been working on it longer than us?” Jackson replied. My father scoffed at the thought of that and just continued on with his work. “Maybe, we just need a break from all of this. The Queen seems to be doing better and I feel like this could be the answer we have been looking for all along. Maybe, we can finally go home. I know you miss your family.” Jackson said lightly to my Dad. “I do, I do. Maybe I am just overthinking this and letting my fragile ego get the best of me. Let us take a break and crack at this tomorrow.” My father said lightly. My father did have a fragile ego, more fragile than any doctor I have ever met actually.

They took a break for the day and that was that. The Queen’s recovery was slowly making good progress. Fever was essentially gone at this point, and her body pains were gone as well. Everything seemed to finally be resolved. That is all that they wanted, everything to be resolved. The plague to finally be cured and the world could be safe again. No one knew how devastating the plague had been. Historians still don’t know how far the plague stretched and what the true death toll is. I don’t think we will ever truly know how impactful the black plague was.

Due to the Queen’s good progress, the King told my father he could return home for the time being. My father was overjoyed by this and left as soon as he was told. He was ready to be back with Mom and I. He left and returned to us a couple of days later. He opened the door to find darkness. It was the brightest day, that he could remember. He yelled “Sasha? Kylan? Where are you guys!? I’m home!”

He heard some rumbling in the bedroom and heard my mother Sasha exclaim “Love! You are home!” They embraced each other for what seemed like forever. “Where is Kylan? Where is my little boy?!” “He is sleeping my dear, go to him, he misses his father”. I don’t remember seeing my father at this point, but I am sure he woke me and held me for as long as he humanly could without getting tired”

“Dear, how long are you home for? It’s been two hundred days since I last saw you!” My mother asked. “I don’t know Sasha. Everything seems to be good for now. I’m hoping this will be for good. I don’t want go back, I never want to see what I saw again. I don’t know how this all started and that is what scares me the most.” My father said with a type of sadness.

My mother did not know how to react to all of this. She knew deep down that this changed my father in a way she would never understand. Although my Father spent time with me I don’t remember any of this. Yes, I was a baby and would not remember any of it but as i said at the start of this, I don’t remember much of my father besides his notes and journals.

Thankfully because of his notes and journals I know my father this way. It’s better than not knowing him at all. Did I love my father? I don’t know… I know he did good in this world and he did all that he could to help the people of Mercia. I knew my father loved all of us. You may ask me why don’t I love my father and I will make you all understand that soon…

Around six months went by of pure happiness between my father and mother. Nothing was heard of from the king and queen. They believed everything was golden. Disaster struck around the seventh month. My mother was struck with sickness. My father at the time thought it was just a common cold because of the light fever and aches.

My mother got progressively worse as time went on. She went on to ask my dad “Am I going to die? Has God forsaken me?” “God didn’t create this Plague… I don’t know who or what did. Sasha, pray with me and I will give you the cure that cured the queen. “  My father gave my mother the rest of the cure and they prayed with me in my father’s arms.

My mother believed in God of course and somehow my father started too because of all the terrible things he had saw. I still don’t know what to believe. Why? Even though the cure fixed Elizabeth, the Queen. It did not cure my mother. My mother died from the plague. I will not go into details on how she died but we all know why… My father went into deep, deep depression. I was three at the time. That was twenty two years ago… My mother Sasha Anna Rexel, will always be remembered in my heart. She is why I chose the path I chose.

My father who fell into a darkness I wish never to know, gave me to my uncle. Rotham of Bywick. Two days after giving me away, chose to hang himself in my mothers room. Rotham and Bywick is officially who and where was I raised. This is where my fathers story ends and my begins…

My father committed suicide after my mothers death. He was a coward and I will finish what the coward started. I will find the cure, the one true cure for The Plague. I’m still not sure why God allowed Queen Elizabeth to live and mother to die but I intend to end this rotten disease.

Before I get to present day, i would officially like to whomever is reading this who I am. My name is Kylan Edgar Rexel. Like my father, I became a doctor to cure the sick and end the world of this horrible plague. You all know about my father and what he did, but now I would like to tell you my story, my part in helping in the plague. I know this seems rather odd to skip like this but I want you all to know how this ended sooner rather than later.

The death toll of the plague has rose well over millions of people. Tens of millions. Men, women, children, poor and the rich. The world has watched the plague ravaged most of the European lands. We thought it was just Mercia, but no it had spread. There were even rumors it spread to the states…


End Chapter.



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