Survive The Plague… [P11]

My goodness, it is 2017 and we are officially on part 11. I’m extremely humbled by the response and support of this series. This year, I will be publishing a lot of content for this game. Along with this series, there will be stories and a ton of giveaways. I stated before that I will be giving away a copy of this game every three months. This month’s giveaway will happen on January 15th. Stay tune on Twitter for the details! I’m extremely happy to be able to do this. As of this post as well, we are waiting on more details on who will be on the “Champion’s Council”. Everyday on Discord, there is someone asking for details and all we get is the same answer: “Soon”

I wanted to do something special for the last post but I decided to change it to this post. Instead of having the three major talking points, I really want to focus and talk about one specific thing. It’s broad, but I really just want to talk about it. The future and what it could potentially hold for the game. It’s kind of difficult to talk about this subject because it’s such a broad subject. First, I want to talk about what I would like to see from the future and Small Impact.

The past year, the game was launched and has had eleven major patches. Each patch adding a lot of new content, fixing some bugs and sometimes creating them as well. We still have ongoing issues but in time all can be fixed, right? This year I would like to see the exact same thing. I touched previously on what I would like to see from the future patches and I had some feedback on Twitter and other platforms on how they would like to see the future patches go. The general consensus was: keep it the same.

I agree with this as well. I don’t really mind if the patches add more bugs as long as content is created and is meaningful. Unless the bugs be game breaking, they can be fixed in a future update. Small Impact needs to use the whole “Early Access” thing to their advantage. I’m not sure when they will officially release the game and go out of Early Access and I hope it’s not any time soon. That sounds harsh and negative but I am being honest. If the game was released in it’s current state, it would not be received well. I think they know this as well, I hope they do at least.
I wouldn’t be mad if they didn’t release the game this year, (2017). I’m not sure on their gameplan, I do intend to ask them eventually but I will not release the information that they give me. It needs to come from them not from me.

They just need to continue with the momentum that they created since launch. Even though people on Twitter, Reddit, and the official forums ask “Is this game dead?” “Game ded?” Now, it does get old after awhile but I want to tackle this head on. Yes, the game does have a smallish player base. Whenever a new patch is released, the game has a huge spike in population. This isn’t a new thing for EA games. Yes, they don’t have the population of Rust, Ark, and other EA games, but it will get there, I promise you. No, the game isn’t dead. The definition of dead would be in Small Impact decided not to develop the game anymore. That is my definition, yours may be different, but that is mine. Game is not dead and is still in development and will continue to be in development. If you read this, please stop asking if the game was dead. It’s not, ask yourself this as well. Would I be writing about a dead game? What would the point of that be, you know?

Speaking of updates and continued development, let’s talk a little about content updates. I’m sure they have a huge list of upcoming things they will bring to the game. I do not know what is on the list but I am 100% positive that server performance and optimization is on the top of that list. It is probably the most talked about thing we have going on right now. I have talked about it a lot as well, when it comes to combat and rubberbanding. It could be a lot worse but it could also be a lot better.

After thinking about it for awhile, I honestly think optimization needs to be targeted. I think it keeps a lot of potential players and even current players away from the game. I’m not a game developer or anything like that. I don’t know the inner workings of how to optimize a game or a server. It has been addressed by them before, but I think it needs to be talked about by Small Impact a little more. Even a video about it would be nice, but I would settle for a blog post/forum post!

Now why is optimization so important right now? Due to the limited content in the game right now and how the game runs, combat and other things like crafting and movement has been hindered by this issue. It has gotten better recently, but combat is not as good as it could be. Ton of rubber banding and targeting issues. The sound of hits will go off but all the sudden you will take a ton of damage and they will take none. It makes it frustrating and sometimes you just want to rage. Be honest, you have been there and done that, don’t lie to me!

After some of the optimization issues are fixed, I think then they should focus on adding additional content. I would even take patches that add content and gradually fix the optimization issues. Small or large anything that can be done about it, should be done. What content should be added though? What would we all like to see in the game eventually? Heck, that is a really, really long list. I want to talk about some of the ones I would like to see in 2017. This will be in list form and then I will pick a few to talk about after the list is done!

Safe Zones
Additional Zones
Marriage System
Mounts and mounted combat
Justice System
New Plague Effects
New Sicknesses
New Weapons and Armours.
Additional Skills, not classes
Less servers and then more server capacity
PvE Only Zones and PvP Only Zones
World Events/World Quests

Let’s talk about a few of them. Note, this isn’t a complete list just some of them that came to mind right now. Safe Zones have been a hot topic specifically with people just going around and killing people for no reason. Before you go all hating on me for being a care bear I think this just needs to be implemented in towns right now.

If I am not safe while crafting well, I just dislike that. I’m not trying to be a downer to killing people but there needs to be a sense of safety in towns. I’m not asking for options to completely removed being able to be attacked just to be safe in towns!

Additional weapons and armors are always going to be wanted. This sort of ties in with more/new crafting materials and things of that nature. We all know how much I love crafting and I want more of it. Add more! I’m sure there is a long list of weapon and armor types that can be added. Scythes please and thank you. Also, I would love to be able to dress up like a jester or something. That would be really cool to see, just some random merchant making costumes for everyone.

Additional zones is pretty straight forward. New towns like Dunstead would be nice to see, but I would also see more areas with a ton of bandits and other bad guy types. Yes, combat is bad right now but this could be down the road sort of thing. Maybe even have a town full of bandits and there is a world event to kill the leader in the town’s castle. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. This could also tie in with specific PvE and PvP only zones. Don’t give me the “Oh, you just want PvE only zones”. Heck no, I am pimped out in armor and weapons, but I just don’t go around killing people without reason.

This goes along with World Events/Quests. I would love to eventually see this. I know this isn’t a traditional MMORPG, it is a survival game. It would be cool to see events happen though. Raven’s Reach needs an X amount of Y and players who participated get experience or items for doing it. It could be done solo but of course it would want more than just one player. There are a ton of things that be done with this sort of system. I just think generally it would be a really nice idea to come to life and bring the community/server together.

Lastly, let’s talk about servers. The game has a ton of servers that are essentially not in use. This idea I feel is not easily done. I feel like they should condense the servers more, like they did with some of the EU servers. They could probably condense the servers down to a few for each region and expand the capacity of the servers to compensate for taking some down. Maybe 40-50 players? I honestly feel like this could make the community closer and have more player interaction. I would kill for some more player interaction in this wonderful world.

I think this could go along with current server optimizations. Every EA game on the market has these types of optimization issues. Whether it be server or client side. I will give my high hopes to Small Impact to fix these issues in due time. I do know that optimization is high on their list of things to do, I assure you of this. I’m hoping down the line I can sit down with Small Impact for a future post and just talk about their roadmap for 2017. I’m sure they will post their plans soon but I would for sure like to sit down with them.

Is that something you all would like to see in the future? What would you all add to the list? Please let me know in the comments and make sure you let Small Impact know! Is there anything you would like to see me talk about in #12? Tweet at me and let me know.
I will be streaming the game more. I have some free time with the next coming months and hopefully will have a dedicated schedule set for streaming TBD!
Thank you for the continued support of this series and I will see you in the next one!

I would also like to shout out the Discord channel for TBD. A lot of SiG members hang out there and are very active! It’s a very friendly Discord and you can find other players to play with!

Be sure to check out The Black Death over at Steam’s Early Access program and and be sure to check The Black Death on Twitter @Blackdeath_Game and myself @SirIsaacJewton Be sure to check out my adventures over at


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