Survive The Plague… [P12]

Author’s Note: This post will be a tad out of date. Part 13 will be up-to-date.
Giveaway was completed and winner was already announced. Next giveaway will be March 15th. Real life things have been complicated and Saturday there will be a up-to-date blog post. Again, I apologize for the delay.

It’s finally official, the Champion’s Council has been announced! You can check out all the news on the official website at! You will notice my name on there, which is a great honor in itself and I will be doing my best to work as closely as I can with the other fellow members and SiG. Before I begin the post, I would just like to thank all of you once again for this awesome journey and supporting me all the way through it. It’s been such a blessing to be able to do all of this and be a part of such an awesome community.

I would like to extend an invitation to all TBD players to join the community discord and chat with us and the developers about the game. You can find the official link to the Discord channel on the Steam forums. All of us are really active there including the developers. I’m sure I speak for all the council members when I say this: We will do our best to help the game and the community become better.

Let’s get down to business shall we? I’ve looked at my list and I the three things I am going to talk about in this post are: Balance, Classes and Game World. I will be talking about balance first. The reason I have not yet touched on Balance before as I wanted to have more feel of all the classes and not to make a fool of myself when I try to talk about balance. Balance is a sort of odd thing but in every game you have players of different play styles and when you buff or nerf something they like or dislike they go all ape on us.

This isn’t a MOBA or a full fledged MMORPG so balance is a little bit different in TBD. I want to talk about balance as a whole though, whether it would be RNG in crafting, damage output or general game things. I’m not going to talk about housing prices because housing will be fixed in an upcoming update and when that update is pushed I will talk about that then. In this game we have a variety of classes to play. Some are extremely fun to play, some are stronger than others and then we have the weaker end of the classes. Class balance is going to be tougher to talk about than the others because each of them serve a specific purpose. Although, I am pretty positive we would like to see some beggar changes.

Beggar is sort of that class that is just there for me. Beggar was added in patch 0.07. I’ve barely touched the Beggar class so I’m sort of walking on thin ice here but my friends have and well, I am not to impressed. The roleplay value of that class is indeed there and is for sure a lot of fun but I sort of just tell people to steer clear of that class if you are not going for that roleplay value. It’s fun going around to various other players and begging for money, but I think it would be cool if you could do that to NPCs as well. Easy way to make gold right? Going town to town begging NPCs for money and sort of just making a circle of towns. Ravens Reach, Bywick, Dunstead, and then going back around again for that easy money. If I could do that, heck I would be playing Beggar for easy money.

If we are going for the historical context, back then there were a ton of beggars. In towns we see some as well sitting on the ground and if you walk up to them they put their hands up for gold. The class indeed makes sense for the time period. They just need to make more incentive to play the beggar. If you play the class and would like to see some changes, what would they be? Like I said I don’t have enough experience to really pinpoint what I would like to see done to the class to make it better, you know? Let’s move on to the Peasant shall we? Essentially a farmer-like class, with this skill tree you can unlock the Huntsman class as well, but I will be focusing on the Peasant for now. I would like to note that I get a ton of my information along with playing the game a ton from the Wikipedia the game currently has.! It is for sure an awesome wiki to check out for all the details on classes, where to find certain items and other things!

There are defiantly some changes I would like to see to this class. There is already a ton of farmland in the game. Whether it would be in towns or the open world. You can get a ton of seeds from various places. By far the easiest seed to obtain is berries and wheat. Here is the problem with making food though. There is already a ton of available food to gather in the open world that making your own food isn’t really needed. What could be the solution for that? Possibly make farm grown food better for you, give you some stat bonuses? Stat bonuses could be a really great addition to this game and more important to this class.

I’m not going to go over every class in this post, this class discussion will go over probably two or three more posts. I will just first go over the classes I think need to be fine tuned first. Beggar is for sure the class that needs the most love. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of the Beggar class, it just needs some fine tuning, some very fine tuning…

Again, we are in the Early Access phase and I don’t foresee classes being tuned up just yet. This would probably happen closer to live launch than anything. You could say this would be theorycrafting for me at this point in time. One of my favorite things to do in games is theorycraft! There are other classes I will go over in the future posts but at this point I would like to move ahead. We’ve sort of took class and balance and put them into one thing but I would like to touch on balance some more before heading into the World Map.

I feel like SiG needs to balance RNG in this game when it comes to crafting. Countless times I have had over a 90% rate to succeed and have failed and wasted my items trying to create something that I had 90% CHANCE TO SUCCEED! Ahem… Now, I don’t know exactly what they code and how it all works on the inside but I feel like this needs to be fine tuned or possibly just gotten rid of. What exactly do I mean by that? In the game you have qualities of items. You could have poor quality or rare quality depending on which ones you have gathered or looted.
Instead of having a chance to fail or create, you always create something it would just depend on the quality of items you use. Yes, there is still RNG involved and we all know how much gamers like RNG.

You will always make something though, that would be the main point of getting rid of chance to make or break something. This could be seen as a more fair system. I don’t know how many people would like this change but it would see more fair overall and no I’m not salty anymore (Yes I am). You would still have to take in effect the skill bonuses and such. There is so much more in balancing that I could go into in a single post, I think I will try to give you all the jist of things right now. Balancing is a delicate process, we all know this. I would rather have something be fine tuned just right and take more time, than something they just did overnight. I think all of these balancing things will come later like class changes before they get out of Early Access. For all the doomsayers, this game will finish Early Access and will see a successful launch. So there!

Before I go into the game world, I just want to say one thing. Mini-Map! That is what this game so desperately needs right now. Please, for the love of God SiG, implement a mini map so even I don’t get lost anymore. Oh, I’m heading to Raven’s Reach! Nope, somehow I ended up in Chiltern or worse Frostfall. Yes, I know there are signs that lead you to places and things like that, but I’m impaired when it comes to directions alright?

Now, before you jump on me for being a pleb and wanting everything to be easy. This isn’t about being easy really, I think it would just be useful, even if it was a basic map. Could just be a dot on the map on where you are or give us what way we are facing. Thinking about it, I think a North East South and West indicator would be better than a mini map. Yes, I’m a pleb and I have a hard time with directions and making my way around the world, get off my back. Sheesh!

Of course, we want more areas to explore, more places to gather and mine. I think with the addition of NPCs having voices gave life to the towns. I think that needs to become a reoccurring theme with upcoming patches. Add more things that bring life into the game. I mean, that shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone that wants this game to succeed. What exactly do I mean by that though? It’s an interesting concept but I think adding more dialogue to the game to more NPCs that would bring the game to life more than it already is. Entering a town and beggars asking for gold or innkeepers asking if you need a drink would be cool.

This is coming from a person who would like more roleplay value. There is already a ton of RP value in the game and it’s just beginning you know? I’ve said it time and time again this game screams roleplay and whenever I play, that is what I am doing. If you are reading this, I ask you this… What would you like to be added to the game world that would bring more life into the game? Leave a comment below or let SiG know on the Steam forums.

Speaking of letting the team know, there are a ton of ways to let SiG know what you would like to be fixed and added to the game. You can post your ideas and bug encounters on the official Steam forums, on Twitter and on the official Discord channel. They are very active on each of those platforms. You can interact with the community moderators and the developers on Discord.
They value your input and take everything into consideration, even if it’s critique!

If you are new to the game I suggest stopping by the Discord channel as well, and you can always add me on Steam via Sir Isaac Jewton and I will be sure to help you as much as I can and even do some in-game stuff with you. I’m always down to help anyone and everyone in-game and out of game as well. I am always lurking on the Discord channel as well, if you need to contact me.

Also, a reminder the first game giveaway will be next Friday. January 15th I will be giving a copy of the game away on my Stream. Details will be given on the Steam forums and Discord on Monday, so make sure to stay tuned for that if you want to win a copy of the game. I will be doing these giveaways every three months. I might change that to every two months depending on financials and stuff. I’m super stoked to be able to do this!

Thank you all for the read and I will see you in Part 13!


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