Survive The Plague… [P13]

It’s good to be back. Due to real life issues there was/has been a huge delay in me being an active part of the Champion’s Council and an active part of the community in general. I want to formally apologize for that and there will be a lot more TBD content coming down the road. The January giveaway was completed and a winner was already announced and picked! The next giveaway will be on March 15th. Stay tuned for more details on that as well! Anyways, let’s get to the point of this. The Black Death. So, what has been going down inside the game for myself? We will get to that later on, I promise you. I want to go over the topics I will be discussing in this post. I know, I know it’s been awhile but let’s get back into the routine here.

First, we will be talking about future plans for the game that I wish to see implemented.
Second, I will be discussing the Champion’s Council and how I would like to see it evolve
Lastly, we will talk about in-game doings. Which is what you all probably want first, but I feel like being cruel. So, let us begin shall we? What exactly do I want to see in the future? I’ve talked about post-launch and stuff I want to see implemented soon, but what about way beyond launch? That is what we are here to talk about right now.

Way beyond launch, after the game has released from Early Access, and we are patching the game beyond 0.XX it’s now 1.xx. Player hosted servers? More capacity per server? We all know I am very much for, less servers and more players per server. Mounted combat? There is a whole, huge list of things I want to see implemented post launch. What we don’t need to happen is for another Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade. No sir, we do not want that at all. If you don’t know what’s going on with that whole thing, I won’t go into deep details about it, please just Google the information, or go on their Steam page.

Back on subject. Let’s talk about server infrastructure. We all know they are working hard on the rubberbanding/desync issues, along with making combat a lot better. I would like to see servers go up in capacity to around 70-100. Yes, the game will be that popular, I assure you of this. I would love to see different rulesets as well. Strict PvP/PvE/RP. I do not want to see forced PvP in every server, that will just not appeal to a lot of people and will suck the fun out of it for me as well. I would prefer to play on a strict PvE only server to be perfectly honest with you all. (Carebear here, don’t hate)

Why do I want rulesets? I believe that will open the game up to a lot more types of players, and with hopefully player/community manned servers, that will branch off into more and more types of servers. It’s odd when it comes to server infrastructure because everyone has a different play style and prefer different things, you know? There should definitely be official and player hosted servers. Just like the majority of games like TBD have as well. It’s not copying, I swear!

This whole list I talked about of things I want implemented post launch and there is a list of things I want fixed/added before launch. Let’s talk pre-launch shall we? We will skip combat, because we know that is being worked on currently and I assure you, it will turn out awesome. There is going to be a lot of things fixed and reworked constantly before launch, we all know this, because of how Early Access works. Things are implemented and reworked and reworked and reworked. It’s not a new thing. I would like to address the community at this point in the post as well. SiG loves input in all of what they do and add to the game, whether it would be positive or negative. I would love to hear it as well, please join us on the forums or the official Discord and tell us what you would like to see added or changed. You can as always leave a comment on here as well.

Anyways, I would like to see a lot of improvement on crafting elements. We all know how much I love crafting in this game. Not many people know this but in most games that I play I loathe crafting and pretty much just stay away from it. In this game, it really puts me in a position to actually want to do it not just another chore the game has to offer.

Playing this game and what it has to offer does not feel like a chore to me. I want to login and play the game and do everything that is currently inside the game. I keep tabs on discord and the website and forums. I have like an ever watching eye on this game and it feels great to be able to say that. I mean, I officially went full TBD for this website and I do not regret my decision at all. I regret not being able to write as much due to real life issues but that will soon change.

I was thinking to myself if I was in charge of development for the game what would I truly focus on? What would I want to do to improve this game immediately and long term. Business wise the game has a fair price model and goes on sale often on GMG and steam. More sales happen on GMG though. (Green Man Gaming)

We are a small indie team, that doesn’t have the financial backing of let’s say blizzard of activision. So, our priority needs to be clean and clear on what to do and how to execute them properly. Each patch has to do something and mean something to us and the community. Since we are in early access we can live with the bugs and fix them along the way while adding new additional content to the game, which to say the least has been done a lot since the game’s inception.

We should focus on fixing and improving combat, work on server issues and make sure for what we have, the players have a smooth playable experience despite fps hiccups and the server lag, which all games have let’s be real here. We should also make sure the community knows that this game is here for the long haul and has a far plan into the future while in early access and post launch.

There is for sure a stigma about early access games that they tend to stay in that phase for what seems like eternity. The community should know what exactly our plans are and how we plan on implementing them step by step. Communication like I have always said is key. SiG have done a very good job being interactive and helpful to the community with creating the champion council and what they have done so far with the community involvement is pretty much amazing. I love how they interact with all of us.

Let’s get back on track? If you haven’t noticed by now, you all know I love getting off track, it’s pretty much what I do best, you know? I would like to see additional armours and weapons introduced into the game, and items that give you bonuses to stats and other things like that.
I would like to see something implemented like set items, where if you create or loot the whole set you get X bonuses to this statistic or X bonus to crafting, combat, etc etc. That would be awesome to see and you could make some items only craftable or some you can only loot or find in the world. I’m getting all warm and fuzzy thinking about all of this. Would this be something you all are interested in seeing as well? If yes, tell me why and also if no, tell me why!

I know that would be typically an ARPG or MMORPG thing but I think it could also work in a survival game as well if implemented correctly. I caution SiG when adding new things in, implement them correctly, keep doing what they have been doing for the past 11 patches and we should be just fine!

The vast list that I have for things I want to be implemented into the game will be carried over in the next couple of posts. I have to keep things interesting, you know? The last thing I want to talk about being added to the game is going to be a pretty lengthy one: Death.

We already know that this game has a unique death mechanic. We can die from the plague. We can die from a nasty illness if we leave it be for a period of time or we can choose to cure it, if we can find the required items to do so. What if we expand on this and make it better and more unique than it already is? I think that is an amazing idea but how would they implement such a thing?

We already have some nice animations and some physical changes done to our character when we are ill, but what about it affecting our stats and things like that? We already get blurred vision from time to time, but what about that all the time at a certain stage until cured? We are more contagious at certain stages as well. There is a lot of things that can be added/improved upon when it comes to this. This could also go along with player hosted servers and specific rulesets. We don’t lose items/gold when we die, or we only lose some of it. Some servers could have it where we can’t get sick at all or cure ourselves over time?

There is for sure a lot of things to think about when it comes to the death mechanic. I will for sure be going into more detail in future posts.

Unfortunately I have to cut this one short, but I do have an announcement to make. There will be another game giveaway! This one will be given away the 15th of this month! The giveaway will be happening on Twitter, so make sure you are following me on there @SirIsaacJewton and I will be posting more details about the giveaway on there! As always, make sure to follow TBD on social media @Blackdeath_game and over at the official website

You can catch my adventures over at Thanks again for reading and I will see you in the next post! Cheers!


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