Survive The Plague… [P14]

Round 14, let’s go…

I was thinking last time I was writing how much I went off-topic and I want to apologize for that. It wasn’t rushed, I guess I was trying to get back into the groove of things and failed. This will I will try to make up for it and do my best to stay on topic and make this post as enjoyable as possible. How am I going to do that this time? I’m going to stray away from the usual three topic posts and just go with one main focus on this one.

Now, you must be asking what that will be. This post will be focused on The Community which also involves the Champion’s Council. So, technically two things, but I’m counting it as one, so deal with it, please. I want to start with the CC and how I wish for it to evolve and become something better than it already is. Here we go, let’s begin shall we?

The Champion’s Council is working very closely with SiG to help find bugs and make the game the best is possibly can be. My first big hope for CC to expand and invite more people that work closely with us and help out the community in multiple ways, whether it would be bug reports or simply helping out random players with their in-game or technical issues. How could this possibly work? I have come up with a couple of ideas on how we could achieve this.

I was thinking about making different councils. One that would focus on bug reporting and aiding SiG in that sort of matter, one that would focus on helping the community and things like that and then having one focus on game advertisement and/or streaming/uploading game content to various websites. I.E Youtube and Twitch TV. I think expanding it in this way would help the game out tremendously and would also expand the CC. Branching out in this way would ideally make everything run smoother and allow more player and developer interaction. I will be sure to run all of this ideas by SiG after publishing this post and giving them some time to read and evaluate all of this and get their opinion on this matter.

Let’s delve deeper into how all of this would work, I will try my best to give you some good examples on how all of his would work. Let us begin with the group of bug hunters. They would go on the servers and find as many bugs as possible while playing the game and find the best ways to reproduce the bugs, so SiG can reproduce them and fix them in later hotfixes or patches.

The so called “Help” group of the CC would help the community with technical issues and or gameplay issues. They would also help people inside the game, finding certain places, items and other types of in-game related stuff. I must say this before I continue, that every group would be as important as the other groups. No one would be more important than the other and we would all report to the same people, SiG.

Lastly, we would have the sort of content creators of this council. People sort of like me, who write the blogs, the stories, live stream and record gameplay of the game. This would help spread the word about the game, hopefully get new players and continual stream of them and give the game some more positivity and show the true potential of the game.

Since they would all report to SiG, I kind of feel like each of the groups should have some sort of leader or something to that effect. The “Leaders” would be chosen by SiG so there wouldn’t be any hard feelings by like a voting system or anything like that and then maybe the “leaders” would report to SiG at the end of every week or month, something like that. (Yes, I take the CC very seriously, if you couldn’t tell)

How would all of this affect the community? I think all of this would impact the community in a positive way. It would strengthen the community and allow it to grow and prosper in a way we haven’t seen or imagined before. That sounds extremely cheesy but that is the best way to explain it. (Don’t shoot me for being cheesy, please?)

I’ve said it time and time again I want to expand this community and this game and do my best to help do that. Yes, I haven’t done the best in the terms of streaming and uploading video content but I am going to do my best to do that in the future. (Real-life job is keeping my busy as ever…)
I pledge to do my best to stream and upload video content as much as I possibly can.
Trust me, alright? Haha.

Honestly, if you have been reading my blogs pre-TBD you will have noticed that throughout my entirety of playing MMORPGs I have always been really big on community and how it makes or breaks a game for me, till this day it still does that for me as well. Again, I’m not saying these changes SHOULD take effect but this is merely me generating ideas for SiG and you all and gauge if they are liked or not. If you like them, great let me know, if you don’t like them, you won’t hurt my feelings and if you could tell me why you don’t like them!

Before I end this post, I would like to propose a question for you all. What would you like SiG to do for the community and what would you like the Champion’s Council to become? Do you like the ideas I have proposed or don’t? Please let me know and more importantly let SiG know. As always there are multiple ways of contacting/communicating with them. Forums, Twitter, Discord. I invite each and every one of you to go on Discord and talk with us. I’m always on along with SiG and the rest of the CC.

The giveaway will be in 4 days! March 15th I will be giving away another copy of the game. I will be posting more details on how to win the copy on Twitter, so make sure to be following @SirIsaacJewton and I am sure SiG will be posting the giveaway details on their official Twitter @Blackdeath_Game
Be sure to follow my Twitch channel as well Thank you again for reading and I will be sure to see you all again in Part 15! It’s getting exciting!

P.S Another installment of the story will be coming very shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for that as well! Thank you again! Cheers!


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