Survive The Plague… [P15] [Patch Analysis]

Back at it again, shall we? This time I will be analyzing patch V0.12 and see how it impacts the game and things of that nature. This patch was dubbed “The Long Night”. You can see the full patch notes at Let’s begin!

Day and Night cycles. I think this change is very overall welcome. It adds a dynamic the game should have had a long time ago, but alas it is here now. Along with this addition, we have the “Days survived” each time we survive a day, we get a reward basically. This is a great addition and gives us an actual benefit to surviving and outlasting the plague. I really welcome this change, because there like I said before an actual benefit for keeping away from the plague and surviving the danger inside the game.

Torches can now be crafted they require two items to make an a allocated skill point to craft. (One stick and one kindling). Along with torches we get campfires that will use a added light source. Overall a good thing because of the new addition to day and night cycles. Praise Jesus and praise SiG.

Engine Update and Optimizations. All I can say about this is hooray and finally. I’m not trying to sound mean at all but I am really happy more updates and optimizations are here for the game. Their key points include: Better replication, rendering and net improvements. All of these are extremely welcome to the game and were desperately needed. We all knew the game had optimization issues and this is one step in the right direction. I imagine a lot of the player base will see and feel these improvements inside the game. This will be need to be tweaked from now till way past launch and beyond. I hope they are to optimize the game further and allow for smoother game play and smoother combat. Yes, we will get to combat later on, this was also addressed in this version. Hooray!

Launcher and Dedicated Servers. Oh boy! Dedicated servers! We saw this coming for awhile this subject is a good and bad thing. “Wait, why is it a bad thing Josh?” Well, in a lot of games that have dedicated servers that are player hosted, there are sometimes Admin abuse and server lag, and additional issues. I can see this being a good thing down the road. Who knows, the Gaming Gospel could have its own dedicated server down the road. How much of the game can be adjust?

Player housing changes. There has been a few changes to player housing. Houses around the world still require a payment to buy and spend gold and resources to clean up and out has additional things for your house. My take on this is that, housing is pretty big and since I started playing they have done a fantastic job on updating housing and making it more accessible. I have always said they will need to update this with new additions to housing and cheaper and more available houses. I know the majority of the players enjoy owning a house.
Pillaging. Since crafting has become more apparent they have made some changes to being able to obtain items. Areas such as houses and etc will be able to be pillaged and you are able to find more items. I’ve been asking this for awhile, just random places to find items. Get away from the grind of doing normal things for items and promote going around the beautiful world, adventuring and finding items that way. Great addition and I think this will give us a brand new way of going about the world.

Loot changes. Oh boy, this is one that I spent quite some time reading. There has been some changes to barrels, chests, etc. The better the chest the better the items and gold amount will be. Again, this goes back to the point of adventuring and going out to find these chests and reap the rewards of those adventures. The only problem I could see with this is the lack of finding these chests. I hope they are plentiful and the respawn rate is reasonable. We will see in time if this will need to be tweaked to be lower or higher. I mean, let’s hope it doesn’t need to be lower, more loot the better right? I think they will be able to expound on this and this will open up doors for new things and new ways to find loot besides these changes and pillaging.

New Spawn Locations! This is pretty much self explanatory, no need to expound on this. This does not mean it’s not a welcome change or a bad one. It’s a good change, I just hope I don’t see to much of these new spawns. Again, self explanatory.

Oh boy oh boy, Combat changes! Here is all the goods. Coupled with the engine optimizations and back end structuring. Overall combat should feel a lot more fluid and enemies have overall better AI. This has been one of the bigger complaints about the game and I am so very glad this has been addressed many times and more optimizations and it’s becoming more fluid. Improved physics and responsive. I have a good feeling that we will feel this and more optimizations and fixes will be coming for the future. Are you as hyped as I am? If not, you should be. Combat optimizations! God does exist, haha.

Along with these changes, there has been some updates to post processing volumes and general graphical changes. These are the changes they have made:

Fog Volume
Freezing Fog Volume
Ground Fog Volume
Overcast Volume
Rock/Stone Material.
Water And Sea Material
Worldspace Ambient Occlusion

Into some of the big things we go, shall we?! They have revamped the profession/class unlocking tiers. I would suggest going to their website for the visuals. It’s easier to understand than me just writing it all down for you. So, please go see the visual diagram on the website.

They have finally combined the inventory and crafting menu. There is something about this that makes me feel all giddy inside. We no longer have to keep shifting screens and forgetting what item is needed for X and what item is needed for Y. Materials and resources are automatically placed? All these changes are pretty much heaven for us crafters, which I should say is all of the player base really.

They have really outdone themselves with this one. I think this change was really needed and overall smooths out the game play and allows for less frustration when crafting. You have no idea the frustration I endured by switching from inventory to crafting screens. This is probably going to the biggest time saver they could have ever added, at least crafting wise. Thank you SiG. Along with these crafting changes, items now have color to their rarity. The tiers are still the same. Awful, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Exotic and Legendary.

They have revamped the skill trees to allow us more freedom in our characters, again I think this is a well needed and welcomed change. More freedom? I will take that any day. I hope they continue to add more skills for all the available professions in the game and allow us more freedom to do what we want with our characters. I have said before I don’t think we need any more new classes as of right now, I would like for them to improve and add to what we have already before adding brand new classes. I know a lot of people might shun me for this, but I think improving what we have is the best course of action right now.

Lastly, Gold has been re balanced. This is one tricky for me really. Weapons and items will cost more from the Blacksmith because of the changes they have made to the world and the items we can find now. Do I think this is a negative change or a positive change? Honestly, I am in between right now. I believe it is a positive change because of the time period like they stated in the patch notes allows for it to be more scarce and sought out, but as in actual game play change I don’t think this will have a positive effect they are looking for.

I hope time proves me wrong on this and I will probably look back in a couple of weeks and seem like a stupid idiot for writing this after I have gotten used to all the changes made in this overall great patch. There a couple things I missed and a bunch of bug fixes were released on the patch note pages. I suggest you check out the official site for all the patch note glory and to see all the various bug fixes and etc, that I did not put in this post.

Overall I think this patch is a great step in the right direction for this, as have all the patches since EA launch have been. I hope to see this continued direction and hard work in the future and I am very excited to see what is coming in the future for this game, patch 0.V13 and beyond. Thank you again reading this special edition of “Survive The Plague” If you would like to talk about this patch, leave a comment below or Tweet at me @SirIsaacJewton be sure to follow TBD on Twitter as well @Blackdeath_Game and check the game out on Steam’s Early Access!

Thank you again! Cheers!


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