Survive The Plague… [P16] [Final]

It’s the end of the beginning… We are at the end of this series but it’s not the end of The Black Death for the gaming gospel. What does this mean? This means that this is a very special edition. Like I said, it is the end of the beginning. What exactly are we going to talk about? Lots and lots of things. First off, SiG just celebrated one year of The Black Death. Yes, we are still in Early Access, but in the first year they have released twelve amazing patches, with V0.13 coming very soon. Hint: We are getting a Beggar buff, huzzah miracles do happen.

Twelve amazing content patches along with several hot fixes and other various patches. They need to ramp it up with year two now. What does year two need to be like? It needs to be a lot of things and SiG have a long road ahead of them but I believe they are ready for it. There needs to be a lot of things need to happen in year two at least in my mind. I don’t mean to sound cocky or like I am the almighty of what needs to happen. I am just telling you my opinion and what I would like to see happen.

The first question that gets asked a lot is “When is the end of Early Access?” Could year two be the year that it ends? That I don’t know, there is a lot of things that need to happen before that, a lot of things. I think SiG know that as well. Could it happen in year two? It could possibly happen but it doesn’t need to be rushed, this game needs to be cooked till perfection. We don’t need to leave early access and there still be things that need to be in the core game. A lot of optimization needs to be done and a lot more content that needs to be added. Why do I say that? I don’t think there is enough content in the game currently for it to be released.

I don’t think they need to rush the game as well. Despite the player base being low, that is how it is for most Early Access games. The rush of new players when the game launches and every major patch and then it goes down between those times. It’s completely normal, I have complete confidence when the game is fully launched servers will be full and the game will flourish.
I mean honestly, look at the quality of content patches that has been released so far, they obviously have a vision and will do everything they can to see it fulfilled.

If you have the fear of the gaming not fully releasing, don’t. The game will see launch and beyond, I promise you. Anyways, back to the point: Year Two. Content patches still need to be released, pretty much the same things they have been done in year one. Some people would rather see quantity over quality, other people would see the opposite. What would I like to see? I’ve been thinking about that lately on what I would like to see in the future. There is downsides to both sides I think. On the one hand, quantity means more things to do but we run into the risk of the quality being poor or not as good as it should be. If we have quality over quantity, we have better content but we run out of things to do quicker. What exactly is better in Early Access though?

That is a question I had to ask myself because most of the time I would want quality of quantity, but we are in Early Access, does that make a difference? I’ve talked to some people lately about it to see their opinions and what they would like to see in a EA game. Sadly, it was split 50/50 essentially. It really didn’t help me form a better opinion for myself because every person gave a wonderful case for each side they chose. What would you rather see in a game that is currently in Early Access, quantity or quality?

Being a smaller team that SiG are, I am proud of the content they have provided so far, I just hope they continue the path they are on. What exactly am I talking about in terms of content? I’m still saying that we don’t need any more additional classes. The classes that we have now are sufficient. We are getting Beggar changes in V.013 and I think that’s what they should do. They should refine the classes they have right now and then maybe down the road, develop some new class ideas. I don’t want to talk about what new classes could be introduced because I don’t want to see any new classes just yet, I definitely want to see some down the road, way down the road.

I would love to see the world be expanded. I would love love to see us be able to travel to different continents and maybe even be able to spread the plague among the world or cure the plague in different parts of the world. That could be a very interesting thing to do in the game, cure the plague or make it spread. Wouldn’t that a wonderful idea? As a role player that would be an amazing feature to play around with.

Again, back to the point shall we? I want more exploration options. I know this is a survival type of game but I would love to see some more mmo aspects involved in the game. I would love to see some dungeon like features, even though we don’t have a party system I would like to see a group of players go down into a dungeon or a cave and find some hidden treasure or maybe even a cure? Who knows what we could find deep in the world of Mercia, besides dead bodies.
There is a lot of things that could be done with world exploration and adding to the world.

Crafting could be expanded upon. I have not given a lot of thought into this because I generally like the crafting system that is in the game, they have done a lot of refinement as well. They have been simplifying it lately and making it easier to access. That is pretty much what I have been wishing for since I started to play the game. I’m sure I will think of things when I give it a lot more though, but right now I am really happy with how crafting is and how they are handling updates to it.

Another big aspect to game that people have been concerned about is: Combat. They have done a lot of work on both ends for combat and it’s getting there. Is it perfect? No, but I do not expect it to be in this early state. A lot of complaints about the game so far have been because of combat. We can all see why and because of this and the amount the Champion’s Council has talked about, you can see that they are taking combat overhauls very seriously and have already done a lot of work on this. If you have noticed already, I keep repeating myself when it comes to SiG.
They have done a wonderful job with what they are doing and I honestly just feel like I could say, just do it again in year two and that’s that, but I would rather be in-depth about it, you know? I apologize for repeating myself so much, but it’s kind of how it is. Exploration, Crafting, Combat are all key elements to this game that has gotten a lot of updates to it, as we’ve already talked about. We have had sixteen entries in this series and we have covered a lot of ground within those sixteen entries. We still have a lot more ground to cover and a lot of things we still need to talk about in this post, but I would like to shift gears a little bit and talk about what is going to happen to this blog.

I, i.e The Gaming Gospel is still as committed as ever to The Black Death. This series is ending but another series will be started. The reason I did this was because I felt like it would bring new life into this. I don’t think that’s why I could write a whole book, I would want to change the name of the book or give chapters a name. I am a odd person, I know this. What will the new series be called? I don’t know yet, I think I am going to keep a secret until I post the next blog with the new name.

There will be a giveaway in celebration of this, I will be announcing this via Twitter and Discord. Stay tuned into those channels to see the celebrations. Anyways, before I end this I would like to leave a note specifically for SiG. I hope you when you guys and girls read this, you will know how important this blog has been for me.

First of all, thank you so much. You have given me a game that I truly care about and I have spent so much time and effort playing, streaming, and talking about the game. It’s changed my opinion on indie game developers and my opinion on Early Access. Thank you for giving me something to write about, I started this and I did not think I would enjoy it this much. Just keep up the really, really good work.

Please continue to improve this game and give me more content to write about. Here’s to a wonderful year two, may it be full of glorious content. The next post will feature the new series name and going over patch 0.13. Thank you again for the continued support and I will see you in the next post!


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