The Plague Is Everywhere…[P1]

And we’re back! It’s been awhile and while I was on hiatus there has been some updates to the game. We are on version 0.15 now. SiG has been ramping up in the update department and it’s been a joy to see that. Yes, there will be patch analysis posts in the future. I want to mainly talk about in this series beginner, on what is going on in game wise for me and what’s in store for the future.

A part of me is very excited to see them update the game more frequently and it warms my heart to see the game progress as far as it has. It’s been a journey for me as while playing and writing about the game. As you see now i am continuing the journey with a continuation series. New name, same game. The other part of me can’t keep up with the writing aspect and I feel extremely far behind, but that is mainly due to lack of time due to real life issues. Yes, having a job sucks at times.

I’ve been playing the game more often than I have before and the game feels so much better. Combat has improved tenfold, and overall performance has been astounding compared to what it has been in the past. It’s a vast improvement to say the least. Great job on their part improving code and overall performance. It’s something we have wanted and more importantly needed.

One of the major things that people have complained about by far is the lack of performance and combat issues. We aren’t fully there yet but we are making huge strides. A lot of people don’t seem to be so forgiving even though it’s in early access. I do understand where they are coming from to an extent. I’ve been very critical on many early access games, we all have.

I feel like SiG has taken full advantage of being in early access and has proven time and time again that they are fully committed to making The Black Death the best they can and seeing the eventual full launch of the game. When that day comes I am going to be so happy. (Yes, it will come)

Unfortunately there have been a lot of naysayers in year one of the game. It comes with the territory that we are in right now. I say it’s unfortunate because I see the potential that this game has. I’ve talked about it again and again and you will hear me talk about it some more down the line I am sure.

In the actual game is a different story for me. Even though I continue the role playing I have been testing the limits of the game and trying new things out. I’ve essentially tried to push the game to it’s limits and really see all of what it offers. I’m sure by now you think with all I’ve written and all I’ve played I would know the game inside and out. Truth is I don’t. There are many things I still find out and still struggle with believe it or not. It’s been fun. A lot of fun really. I don’t usually stick with games this long and I’m glad I have. It’s been such an adventure and its going to continue to be an adventure with all the content updates the game is getting

There are a couple of things I would like to see happen down the line. Since we are in year two of development I would like to see some changes to the outside of the game. Some of these things I don’t know if SiG has the actual power to do.

I would love to see more sales go on the game and maybe some free weekends.
There has been a ton of community involvement so far and I would love to see it grow. The council was an amazing idea and I would love to see that mature into a bigger and better thing. Ive mentioned this before in a previous post and I’m sure I will go over it again in a different post. I will be going over a lot in the next coming episodes. I guess I like calling them episodes. Should we continue that trend?

Anyways, I would just really like to see what they have done in year one and amplify that during year two. I’ve said this time and time again and I’m sure we are all sick of hearing me say this. Please, just continue the great work. Let’s talk about the future for a little bit.

For this series especially there will be more upcoming content including patch analysis and more stories. The Doctor Of Mercia will return and some other short stories will come up as well from time to time. A lot of new content including more live streams and video content. That is something I would also like to see coming from SiG. Community livestreams and even a community podcasts.

Anything that will get the community more involved with the game whether it would be with development or just general gameplay. I would love to see more of it. Especially coming from SiG.

There has been questions regarding the exclusivity of this website just doing TBD content. That is still true. I have no plans on changing this anytime soon. I plan on writing content just for The Black Death. Trust me, if this ever changes you all will be the first to know.

Giveaways are still going on, I did the last one a couple of weeks back and the next one will be in September. More details will emerge about that when it gets closer to the time. A lot of new and exciting stuff is coming down the line and I’m happy to be able to kick it in high gear again.

To answer some questions that I’ve been asked about why everything was slowed down for awhile. Mostly it was real life getting in the way of me writing and playing more than I was. Nothing to bad or anything that’s devastating but just a lot of things taking up my time.

My lack of time management and discipline is also to blame. I’m going to be doing better about this so I am able to streamline the content coming out and keep a steady flow of quality. My mission this time around is quality. I want to maximize the quality instead of quantity. I know it’s something you have heard before from me as well. It’s going to be a lot of fun the next coming weeks.

Before I end this post, I would like to recap what’s going to happen. I will be streamlining content. There will be more quality instead of quantity. I think generally I will be more happy with this. There will be a continuation and more short stories to come. Livestreams and giveaways will still be coming. All in all, more quality and more awesomeness.

Thank you again for your continued support. A lot more will be coming soon. Stay safe my friends and remember, the plague is everywhere…


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