The Plague Is Everywhere…[P2]

Phew, it’s been awhile and a lot has happened since my last post. I apologize again for all the tardiness when it comes to these. Before I begin officially I would like to apologize and say that the new short story post is on its way. A huge thank you to Emily from SiG and the whole SiG crew for supporting me since the beginning. My how things have changed for the better.

Let’s begin shall we?

A lot has changed since my last post. A lot of patches and updates have gone live. Instead of going over all of the changes I am going to talk about the overall improvements and what I still think about the game. I’m really excited to be writing about this again. Anyways, let’s talk about in-game for awhile. Performance has improved tenfold and especially combat feels so much better. I know for a fact that a lot of back end work went into this and I am very proud for how far SiG has come with the combat system.

Improvements everywhere are generally seen since my last post. They are continuing to listen to the community and adjust what their priorities are accordingly. It’s a nice sight to see when you have a community and developers work so closely together. You don’t see that a lot nowadays. A lot of things have been optimized and has been vastly improved.

I often wonder when I play what would I like to see next? I’ve asked this pretty much every post and usually I try to come up with something new each time but rather delve into something more than what I usually say I would just like to go over things that I want.

First and foremost I would like them to continue optimizing content and the game in general. I still would like to see new content being added gradually and since we are in the early access phase we can continue at the pace we are going at. I’m not saying that as a negative or positive thing. I understand some people like myself like the pace we are going and some may not. I just want everyone to realize that they are doing the best that they can. They have proved that time and time again.

I think we are sort of need to step back and see how SiG is taking the early access phase to their advantage more than other developers do. They are releasing content while also polishing content and optimizing their game. Most early access games choose to add more content and then polish up later on. I don’t feel like that is a viable option. I am very happy with what they are doing and how they a approaching this phase of development.

Let’s talk about in-game for a bit shall we?

I’m still enjoying the game as much as I do when I first started coverage of The Black Death. I’m still mastering crafting and have my group of buddies that role-play. Sadly, I have not been streaming since I’ve become so busy. I plan on trying to stream again sometime soon but with moving and a little one now it’s harder than I thought it would be.

I would like to see more polishing to their weapons that are ingame now. What I mean by that is adding new types of swords, bows, etc. More variety is what I am getting at. Who doesn’t want more variety you know? I wish at times I was more involved and knew more about what they are doing now and doing next.

Alas, I am not a developer I am just a journalist who loves the game and wants to get the game more attention and more of a population. Hence why I have done all of these blog posts and streams.

While we are speaking about variety I would love to see a better character customization. Change hair styles, looks, age, etc. I would love to make my character look a little rugged and scarred from the game’s atmosphere and the plague.

Let’s get back into the final part of this post. The Plague. If you have read the posts before you know how much I love this feature. It adds such a sense of danger and excitement that a lot of other games even AAA games don’t have anymore. Do you risk going into a plague ridden area for treasure? Do you run away from a mob of bandits that have the plague? Do you try to cure and help people? All these risk and reward type of scenarios.

Yes, some of it has to do with role-play but that’s where the fun and imagination comes from. The sense of danger is always there, always a threat. I’ve died to many of things in this game but by far dying from the plague has been the most satisfying and the most adrenaline rushing of them all. The dying from the bugged cow also comes to mind… Stupid cow.

Yes, the game still has bugs and issues but again look at what phase we are in right now? It’s to be expected and it’s meant to be fixed. It’s something we as players have to deal with and wait. Patience is a huge virtue. As much as no one wants to deal with them and I’m sure SiG doesn’t want to have them but it’s. inevitable.

It’s a never ending cycle but it’s worth it all. Even past launch we will have to deal with them but I’m sure by then they will have a bigger squad. I hope so at least. Even now, I heard there is a huge update coming along and I am sure it will have it’s issues but I know that SiG does their best to polish before and after they release content updates. Again, no one is perfect right? Right.

As for my story “The Doctor of Mercia” will be returning very very soon. It’s going to be a very productive week for me and I am happy to see all of this is just sort of returning to me. Anyways, again thank you all for the support and please keep it coming, it means the world to me. The next edition of “The Plague Is Everywhere…” will be a very special one. I have something really cool in the works for this one. I can’t wait to share it all with you! I will be tweeting out details @SirIsaacJewton as the time comes closer, so be sure to follow me for clues!

Thanks again and I will see you in the very special part 3!


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