I Found The Plague… I’m Not Sure How

Ho ho ho, it’s 2018 and we are back. Even though I wasn’t posting in the last part of 2017, I didn’t stray away from The Black Death. A lot has happened in that time and although I’m not going to go through it all in this post, I will be gradually getting back into it. As of right now, this is more of a, what’s to come and how I am going to approach it sort of post. I would like to say that I am really glad that The Black Death is getting more exposure on social media and various other gaming websites. It’s super nice to see the game grow and show that potential I talked about so much. Also, we are currently on patch V0.23. I will be going over in the near future a lot of what has happened and some things I like and dislike. (Yes, I do dislike somethings, I can’t be rose tinted glasses all the time).


There are for sure a lot more things that I like though and I will say I am overall really happy with the direction the game is going in. We’ve had server wipes, we lost our near and dear friend Pete and gained Dmitri who I look forward to getting to know down the road. When I started focusing on The Black Death I knew a lot of things would change and evolve because the nature of Early Access and how the game was being developed. I believe they have listened to a lot of the communities wants and needs and have applied them where it has been needed.

It’s something I have praised SiG in the past for and will continue to praise as long as they are committed to community involvement.


For those of you wondering you will catch me mostly on the Official Megaserver. I haven’t roleplayed as much because I have taken a step back and tried to really analyze the game as whole and not be distracted while gearing up for 2018 to be the year of the Plague. One of the things I have noticed in the past that I haven’t been critical on SiG, mainly because there hasn’t been much to be critical on, I am going to try to be more in-depth on my findings and more in-depth on how the game could be shaped and what needs to be fixed and done sooner than other things. Yes, I am not a developer nor do I work for them, but I feel like this is my hotline to them and I feel that I have helped in the past. (I swear, I don’t have an ego).


In a sense I want these columns to be a sort of one on one for me. This is my direct line to the community and more importantly SiG. I have sunk a lot of time and effort in the past year into their game and the acknowledgement from them and all their continued support has made this journey far more worth it than I could ever imagine. That being said, I want to use that to our advantage and hopefully be a little more helpful to them. Going forward, the columns may be fewer in postage but length and depth will be there to compensate. I am aiming for bi-weekly schedule. Within that time it will allow me to play more and write more. I will not be repeating myself so much and allows me to get more depth into these.


Once upon a time I was writing a short story about The Black Death and I am happy to say that will come back as well. I literally have to re-write the last part because I am sort of lost where I am going with the story, so that will hopefully be back sooner rather than later. I have to dig some notes out and figure out where the hell I am going with all of that. I would recommend everyone who reads these to please hop into the community discord for TBD and join the loads of people who are playing the game and interact with the developers there. It’s always fun in there. They have been consistent on community involvement and that is definitely one of the better places to get your voice heard. I would recommend Steam forums as well, but I assure you, you will get a lot less, hmm… Trolls there.


Let’s recap before I wrap this all up, shall we? I will be doing a multi-patch post in the near future. Probably about two weeks from now so I get all my information correct. I will be covering from V.019 “Pestilence” to the current patch V0.23. This post will be lengthy for sure and I am hoping I can get back into the groove of analysis and helpful constructive feedback. I will be posting updates on Twitter as well, so be sure to follow me @SirIsaacJewton to know when my newest column is posted. Due to some financial restrictions at the moment I will not be doing any game giveaways, but hopefully, maybe SiG can hook us up, so we can do a massive giveaway on Stream, wouldn’t that be something eh? *Hint hint*


Anyways, thank you again for your continued support. I will see all of you in the next analysis column, which I am hoping to be releasing in two weeks or less. I will see you soon and until then, keep safe, stay alive and whatever you do, don’t get sick… The plague is everywhere and I found it…


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